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Brad Arnold 8/1/00 Fillmore San Francisco


......The story of rock band 3 Doors Down is truly an example of "local boys make good." The group, which hails from Escatawpa, Miss., landed a record deal in large part due to a groundswell of local support for an unsigned band that was drawing hundreds of people per show and receiving commercial radio airplay. 3 Doors Down's Republic/Universal debut album, "The Better Life," has been finding a larger audience, insiders say, because of the band's touring, as well as radio airplay for "Kryptonite," the album's first single. "The Better Life," released Feb. 8, debuted at No. 1 on the Heatseekers chart in the Feb. 26 issue. The album is currently No. 64 on The Billboard 200 after showing the biggest percentage growth of any title on the chart for the week ending March 25.
.......3 Doors Down: Brad Arnold (vocals, drums); Matt Roberts, Chris Henderson (guitar); Todd Harrell (bass). Additional personnel: Kevin Paige (keyboards). Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee. The success story of 3 Doors Down starts typically enough. An aggressive and unrelenting phone campaign to radio stations for their breakaway single Kryptonite snowballed into a showcase at New York's legendary CBGBs and a deal with Universal Records. Meanwhile, "Kryptonite" has become a hit on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, where it stands at No. 4. A video for "Kryptonite," directed by Dean Karr, is scheduled to be filmed this month. The Escatawpa, Missouri quartet offers a sound that is grounded in 90s alternative rock but doesn't ignore the contributions of hard-rock music's foundations from the 60s and 70s. Loser finds 3 Doors Down using Alice In Chains-influenced minor-key vocal harmonies and acoustic-then-electric dynamics. In Duck and Run, vocalist/lyricist Brad Arnold urges fans to remain positive despite life trials. The delicate balance of human relations is explored in Not Enough. In Be Like That, Arnold sings of a daydreamers envy, sounding like a heavier Matchbox 20. Though the band began as a power trio, with Arnold on drums and vocals, 3 Doors Down added a second guitarist and a drummer to fatten its sound for THE BETTER LIFE. With lyrics that embody great storytelling and a sound that contrasts crunch with supple acoustics, the members of 3 Doors Down are that much closer to being the musical supermen they set out to be. 3 Doors Down's performance at the Fillmore in San Francisco ,was flawless every radio hit was received with awesome applause. It's not really alternative or metal or anything - it's rock 'n' roll."


By Randy Cohen

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   3 Doors Down Members Are !
singer-Brad Arnold,
bassist Todd Harrell
guitarists Matt Roberts and Chris Henderson.
Drummer -Richard Lyles