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I had the chance to be turned on to a very talented young artist named Joshua Radin.  With brilliant works of mellow songs on his new CD ďWe Were hereĒ music about a carefree altitude of life.

††††† When I interview him he told me that going to†college with actor/director Zach Braff and singer/songwriter Cary Brothers,†two of his more supportive schoolmates made great connections leading to several appearances on Scrubs (starting with the Brothers-produced "Winter"), then on Grey's Anatomy ("These Photographs"), followed by a record deal with Columbia.

††† When he played a piece he wrote, "Winter," for friend Zach Braff, who liked it so much he got the song onto Scrubs, the television show he was on. After fans began to request more of his music, Radin decided to seriously pursue it as a career, and soon he signed to Columbia Records, which released his debut album, We Were Here, in 2006






Q:        You started your tour about a week ago?

A:        Yeah, we started this tour about two weeks ago.

Q:        I like how your official web site is so user friendly. 

A:        You mean the tour website?  Yeah, thatís cool.

Q:        Thatís nice stuff.

A:        It still has some kinks but weíre working it out.

Q:        Yeah with the technology nowadays, the skyís the limit. 

A:        Yeah, totally.

Q:        Where did you start out?

A:        I went to school in Chicago at Northwestern as an art major and then I went to South Africa for a little bit and then I went to New York.

Q:        Where did you get your big start? 

A:        Geez, I donít know.  I wrote my first song about three years ago and moved to LA about two years ago and started playing.  After about 3 or 4 months of playing some shows in LA, some music scouts started coming down to see us play and were asking for demos and things like that.  And I actually took them up on songs I had been working on in my bedroom.  They started using them on TV shows and film and things like that, so I was basically just paying the bills that way.  Eventually, I made a full length record last year, they put it on the radio.  Then I ended up signing with Columbia.  They re-released the full album exactly as is in June. Iím going to tour with that.

Q:        Iím going to your show inSan Francisco .

A:        Oh cool Ė at the Independent.  I really like that place.  I love coming to San Francisco.  I lived there for about a year after college and I was in Berkeley for six months.

Q:        Youíve been all around. 

A:        Yeah, Iím a trooper.

Q:        Does that influence your writing Ė traveling around?

A:        All my writing is from true experience.  Everything I do kind of goes into my writing.  Every place Iíve been. ItĒs kind place is more about my relationships with the people.  I guess thatís just what it comes down to.

Q:        Did you have a special producer.

A:        The producers name is Chris Holt, she is a buddy of mine.  She recorded the whole record in the bedroom. 

Q:        Wow, no kidding like old day recording.

A:        Itís sort of like a do it yourself, very low fi.  Iíve blown either or records for so long time.  That whole album was made on an 8 track.  I didnít have any money to record to go to a real studio, I pay a bunch of musician session people to come in.  We did with what we had. 

Q:        I think a lot of people really appreciate that .

A:        More intimate.  More intimate that way.  I feel like people get to know the artist more.  _

Q:        Who does the background music with you, the vocals?

A:        Thereís a girl named Priscilla.  She did a tour with me we play a lot of shows and sing backup harmony.

Q:        She has a beautiful voice. 

A:        Her voice is wonderful. 

Q:        Which song was used for a sound track?

A:        Just about all of them on the record have been sound track.

Q:        I thought it was just one particular one like Winter.

A:        Yeah, like 5 of them have been have been on Scrubs, Every song on the record.

Q:        The title track ďWe Were Here,Ē is there supposed to be a story where you got that name?

A:        Yeah, for the most part the songs on the record are about falling in and out of love. 

Q:        The whole CD is like a mini-masterpiece. 

 A:       Well thank you.  Itís really just very personal.  I wanted it to have some more  sound. 

Q:        You sound like Catstevens.  His new name is Yusuf Islam now.

A:        I donít really love his politics, but Iíve always appreciated his songs.

Q:        You have some kind of reverb sound effect to get that sound or did you dub over on your voice?

A:        On some of the tracks I doubled my vocal.  It gives it an echoey sound, thatís the reverb _

Q:        Thatís right, John Lennon used to do that.

A:        Yeah, I sing the songs and then put the headphones and redo the lyrics to the mike while I was listening to myself so I could sing along with myself.

Q:        Oh, what a great idea.

A:        Since my voice is very soft and in certain songs it helped the sound.

Q:        Are you playing tonight?

A:        No, we have the day off today.  We play in Boulder, Colorado tomorrow night.

Q:        Red Rocks is right outside of town

A:        That would be cool.

Q:        Did I hear a rumor that you were supposed to tour with Bob Dylan?

A:        Well, weíre working on it. Thereís a bidding war in April and obviously Dylan is my favorite.  So I toldColumbia Iíd sign with them if they could procure the concert with Dylan.  They said no problem.  So, weíre working on it.  Obviously, Dylan has to decide  but donít tell Dylan weíre looking for him.  The last half of the tour, he tours all the time, but this last tour he turned out for Beck, Foo Fighters .So weíre working on it.  Weíre getting close to it. But my first headlining tour so far every show is sold out so far.

Q:        I understand inChicago you had to add an extra show?

A:        Yeah, we had a 7:00 show and we had to add a 10:00 show that night.  It was sold out.

Q:        Thatís good stuff man.  Thatís really a nice indication of how your path is going.

A:        Yeah, itís happening a lot quicker than I thought it would.  Weíre really lucky. Yeah, I just play what comes out just trying to be honest and hope the people respond to it.

Q:        It really shows.

A:        Whatever CD make  youíve got to go tour with 2 years all over the world and you have to like what youíre doing.  If you donít like what youíre doing, then youíll drive yourself crazy. 

Q:        Especially if itís something wild like metal music that you need earplugs for.

A:        Yeah, I donít want to be screaming my head off everyday. I donít even listen to that kind of music.  I would never write.

Q:        I sometimes have to go to those things, but I donít know whatís going on when I go there.  You canít understand the words. 

A:        I hear you.


I appreciate you talking to me and Iíll go ahead and write this up and put it in and spread the word.  Iíll see you in San Francisco.  Take care of yourself. 

 A: Thank you love to meet you there. Bye

           By Randy Cohen


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