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"The Anger Management Tour"

Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit and Eminem talk a tough game, but work the same side of tracks . Thousands of bouncing, slam-dancing, crowd-surfing, fist-pumping, screaming young people vented their pent-up energy, anger and frustration Sunday night at the Arco Arena.
.....After 4½ hours of nearly nonstop hip-hop/punk rock, a sweaty, tired mass of the multipierced and tattooed were clearly drained. The "Anger Management Tour" featured three of the hottest bands currently exploiting teen scene. Limp Bizkit, Eminem and Papa Roach - along with up-and-coming rapper Xzibit.
..Wes Borland... Limp Bizkit clearly was the star of the show. Just last month, its "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water" album sold more than 1 million units the week it was released, making Limp Bizkit the reigning champ of teenage bad-boy rock. Band leader Fred Durst is clearly savoring his time at the top (he's smart enough to know it probably won't last long) by giving the fans the biggest, loudest, most outrageous show possible. Both performers offer varying degrees of sophistication in their recordings, but these musical attributes were reduced to lowest common denominator posturing on stage. Durst's clumsy rapping and wheedling voice couldn't be redeemed in any environment, but his band had its moments of twisted new-metal aplomb, thanks to guitarist Wes Borland's acrid chords and Sam Rivers' seismic bass lines. Dozens of enormous explosions set off during the show; they shook the whole building. There were more pyrotechnics than at any other rock show here ever, including multistory pillars of flame, statewide showers of sparks and fire-breathing robots. The finale of "Nookie" was marked by cannon fire of streamers and confetti. It was more a party than a concert, with the big crowd taking advantage of the opportunity to let off steam. Limp Bizkit's songs are almost all Fred Durstrants, like the stomping "Break Stuff," the feisty "Full Nelson.
......Eminem is much more original and talented, with a gift for word play and storyteller. Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" has racked up 7 million sales in six months, is receiving the most media attention at the moment because of his violent, profanity-laced raps, his arrests and court cases.
..... But he has the same problem as most rappers - watching a guy walk back and forth across the stage spewing words to a recorded beat soon gets stale. The addition of four other rappers, called D12, didn't help much either. This is not talent really , Eminem's attempts to inject to his fans that being tough is cool gets old too. For the record Eminem is interesting CD but Live he's a bore. I don't know why audiences still get hyped up by hearing the Fuck word, but it still works every time. Both Limp Bizkit and Eminem used it constantly. They should really grow up.
Coby Dick of Papa Roach
.....Papa Roach warm everyone up with lead vocalist Coby Dick racing on stage blasting their latest hits, what a electrifying performance. This Northern California punk/hip-hop band has an infectious, powerful hit, "Last Resort," that's pushing its "Infest" CD up the charts. The CD deals with such troublesome topics as divorce ("Broken Home"), alcohol ("Binge") and Attention Deficit Disorder ("Thrown Away").

By Randy Cohen

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