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The Scorpions Live

Rocking the USA!


These guys continue to amaze and thankfully appear to NOT, be slowing down, their last three records: "Unbreakable", "Scorpions - Acoustica" (Live from Portugal) & "Humanity - Hour I "All of the guys in the band look very fit, very happy, and very capable from the very first song. The music sounds great, and the huge crowd of fans are in high spirit throughout the performance.  The show rolls on for over two hours, as the band performs a gigantic playlist of songs that span three decades of Scorpions music.  This was a really a great live show that you will want to watch again and again.  There are not too many bands today that have capabilities of producing such energy throughout two hours of the concert. Let's not forget, Scorps are not young anymore, they are one of the veterans of today's world rock scene. The set list is outstanding. Scorpions have played all of their best hits over the years. I have been lucky enough to see the Scorpions a half of a dozen times and The Scorpions are still Rocking, and doing it WELL! Amazing performance captured live,Great production and sound quality








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Main set:
Hour 1 / Coming Home / The Zoo / No Pain No Gain / Coast to Coast / Send Me an Angel / Humanity  / Loving You Sunday Morning / Iím Leaving You / 321 / Dynamite / (drum solo) / Blackout / Big City Nights
Encore: Still Loving You / No One Like You / Rock You Like a Hurricane