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......By now, most regular radio listeners have heard Vertical Horizon, the Boston-based band whose "Everything You Want" was among the most-played songs of 2000. A second single, "You're a God," cemented the group's reputation, and its major-label debut album, Everything You Want, sold more than a million copies.
......What many of those listeners might not realize is that Vertical Horizon has been around for a decade. Like many of the regional bands it appeared with on 1994's Aware II compilation (Edwin McCain Band, Hootie and the Blowfish, Verve Pipe, Better Than Ezra), Vertical Horizon - singer-songwriters Matt Scannell and Keith Kane, drummer Ed Toth and bass player Sean Hurley - went from being a independent band with a grassroots fan base and a handful of self-produced albums.
.....After three successful independent releases, Vertical Horizon makes their major label debut with Everything You Want, a heady mix of melodic songwriting, strong musicianship, and passionate performances. They're simple songs played with sincerity,and that's where the excitement comes from, not with adding more notes and overplaying. They seem to try to put the focus on lyrics, melodies and chord progressions, just real emotions, real situations and not into huge productions.
..... Vertical Horizon's impassioned sounds and vibrant gigs were a refreshing change from the angst ridden early modern rock scene. As a result, their debut album, There and Back Again, enjoyed phenomenal success. What had started out as an initial run of 1,000, as 'something they'd have left over to give their grandkids,' became, with the help of non-stop touring, a debut disc that sold over 20,000 copies. -over- For their follow-up effort in 1995, Kane and Scannell brought on additional accompaniment. Carter Beauford from the Dave Matthews Band sat in on drums, members of Jackopierce lent a hand, and the band hired Doug Derryberry and John Alagia to co-produce. ......The album, Running On Ice, continued Vertical Horizon's commitment to honest, acoustic-based music, even as they expanded their sound. After adding drummer Ed Toth and bassist Sean Hurley in 1996, Vertical Horizon, as we know it today, was born.
......Vertical puts on a tremendous show. they have an excellent upbeat acoustic rock sound that they mix with great harmonies. they are a must-see band - be sure to catch them the next time they're in your area.

By Randy Cohen

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Keith Kane - vocals/guitar
Sean Hurley - bass
Matt Scannell - lead vocals/guitar
Ed Toth - drums

Matt Scannel and sean Hurley 

Keith Kane