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.AC/DC Rocks Are World


......AC/DC's is Pure Rock n Roll . And for the next two hours at the Oakland Arena, AC/DC, which defies age, gravity, and other dimensions once again conducted a clinic in their devotion to American blues as filtered through massive stacks of Marshall amplifiers, and awesome stage props.
.......It was essentially the same show the quintet has been giving for the last 20 years, when it assumed arena-sized proportion on the heels of its biggest album, "Back in Black." They delivered deeply satisfying blue-collar rock for the type of guys who wear black T-shirts with Harley-Davidson logos, a mixture of virtually every classic album track the band recorded in its 1975-80 heyday and just enough recent material to suggest AC/DC at least entertains the notion of moving forward, even if it never follows through.
.......Many of the riffs from the new "Stiff Upper Lip" album sounded recycled from earlier classics, but that didn't disappoint thier fans at this concert. While lead singer Brian Johnson swung out wildly on a rope attached to an oversize bell (during ''Hell's Bells''), which was lowered from the ceiling. All of which suggested that it's time to give Johnson his props. Some people still view him as being in the shadow of former AC/DC singer Bon Scott, please its time to appreciate Johnson for what he can do, and leave the rest to history. The chief focus, though, was again lead guitarist Angus Young; he and brother Malcolm on rhythm guitar still provide arguably the best one-two ax punch in the business. Angus steamrolled through one vintage riff after another and often ran down a ramp to a satellite stage at the center of the arena (a la the Rolling Stones and U2).
.......Curiously, the band never played collectively on this B stage, but Angus frequently soloed there and was on that spot during the thrashing ''Let There Be Rock'' when the stage was hoisted above the crowd by a hydraulic lift. Hey, it was safer than when Angus, in past visits, would hop a roadie's shoulders and try to fight his way through the aisles while playing this song. But for the most part, the concert was a reaffirmation of what AC/DC does best.
.....Funeral bells, pryo and cannons overwhelm the fans, It may have been Young's show, but many of the indelible riffs belonged to brother Malcolm Young, and his rhythm oil loosened the joints of even rusty favorites such as "The Jack" and "Whole Lotta Rosie." Malcolm Young and bassist Cliff Williams stood with legs splayed, flanking drummer Phil Rudd. Here is where the grind begins, a burst of guitar, Malcolm shading Angus or vice-versa, then falling silent to let bass and drums do their work, before rising again for the chorus. Then Malcolm Young and Williams would stride out of the shadows to join Johnson in a unison shout of "Shot Down in Flames," "T.N.T" or "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" - proof that simple pleasures, and bands that reliably provide them, should never be taken for granted.

By Randy Cohen

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   Members of the Band Are: !
Brian Johnson- Vocals
Angus Young -Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young- Rhythm Guitar
bassist Cliff Williams and Drummer-Phil Rudd

Malcolm Young  

bassist Cliff Williams

Brian Johnson

 Phil Rudd