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    In the seventies, Aerosmith came onto the musical scene and won over audiences at an amazing rate. Steven Tyler and company created a sound that continually evolved over the years, and always managed to keep a hold of their listener's attention. And there live show's are brilliant and full of fun and energy.     
    Aerosmith's live show at the Konocti Harbor Resort was their first time playing there and it fit the bill with the lake in the back drop and still blue skies making a mellow fine place to be.
    Even before their fling with the pop mainstream, Aerosmith were one of Top 40's favorite hard-rock bands, . Their '70s output included at least three classic albums Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic, and Rocks  truly great stuff here--"Sweet Emotion," "Last Child," and "Dream On". Dream on is great, with one of those guitar riffs that make you boogie on down the road.  All there songs have some flair for someone's life experience.  Back in the Saddle one of the best  tracks ever, this song has everything. Draw the Line has a great riff and great lyrics. This is blues rock cranked up to '70s stadium level, And this venue Konocti Harbor was about 3000 people nice and intimate in its own way. Even though it takes 3 hours from and given direction from a big city its worth the ride there.  A beautiful place and  awesome power house band's to see and hear. Rock On





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Set List

Same Old Song
Eat the Rich
Miss a Thing
What It Takes
Last Child
Baby Please
Dream On
SOS Too Bad
Stop Messin
Sweet E
Draw the Line

Walk This Way