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....Art Garfunkel, 61, has spent the last three decades excelling in the art of living life. He's acted in movies, released 11 solo albums, made his hair fuzzier than ever, and walked across the United States, Japan and Europe. Having logged more than 4,500 miles on his feet, Garfunkel took a break last year to record the collaborative CD "Everything Waits to Be Noticed" with songwriters Maia Sharp and Buddy Mondlock. The trio perform at the Fillmore in San Francisco.
....His voice is one of the greatest in pop music history. Sunday night it was in full force, as fans of his music through the years filled the Fillmore showered Art Garfunkel with love and appreciation. It was well-deserved. Opening his set with a deeply emotional timed rendition reading of his old bandmate Paul Simon's haunting "American Tune," Garfunkel wasted no time before delving deeply into the riveting, emotion-drenched countertenor that has endeared him to four decades of listeners.
.....It seemed to be no accident that Garfunkel chose to open his performance with this tune; its lyrics seemed most appropriate as America stands on the brink of war. "But it's all right/It's all right/For we've lived so well so long/Still, when I think of the road we're traveling on/I wonder what went wrong/I can't help it, I wonder what went wrong."The crowd seemed deeply moved. Garfunkel moved directly into "A Heart in New York," another song that had added resonance given recent events. It was clear to all in attendance that his voice, even at 61, is still an amazingly versatile instrument, and that his phrasing is without parallel in the world of popular music. ......Perhaps surprisingly, considering that Garfunkel has been a solo artist since the demise of Simon & Garfunkel in 1970, the lion's share of the set list was S&G songs. "Cecilia" was treated to an arrangement that emphasized its Caribbean roots and featured Garfunkel's wife on harmony vocals. "Scarborough Fair" was elegiac and heart-wrenching. At the conclusion of the song, which Garfunkel sang nigh on perfectly, he addressed the crowd with one of many endearing asides. "After all these years, I think I've finally begun to figure out what that song is about," he quipped, as the audience chuckled en masse. "I think it's about loss." The lovely Spanish "El Condor Pasa," originally recorded on S&G's swan song.
......The highlight of the night was the brilliant "Bridge Over Troubled Water" album, found its yearning melodies. Garfunkel sang the heck out of the tune. His vocal on the original recording of the S&G classic "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is one of the most sublime moments in the history of recorded music. He nailed it .
...... Beautiful renditions of songs from Garfunkel's solo career were peppered throughout the set. "I Only Have Eyes For You' was with out a doubt his first classic solo single. His version of Jimmy Webb's wistful "All I Know" was flawless. The new "Perfect Moment," from the heartwarming, recently released "Everything Waits to Be Noticed" album, cut the gig next to the plethora of Paul Simon songs Garfunkel interpreted. That's saying something. . Still, his decisions were smart ones - rephrasing certain sections, pacing himself for the song's explosive coda. When he finished, the crowd was on its feet, and Garfunkel beamed his appreciation. An emotionally invested "Sound of Silence" capped off the evening and drove home one resounding message: Garfunkel is an absolute treasure, a charming man with a voice that strikes listeners to the quick. His was an absolutely outstanding performance.

By Randy Cohen

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