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Bacon Brothers.."" Smooth Playing Brothers "
5/5/00 San Francisco,CA.

Kevin Bacon

For over 20 years, Kevin and Michael Bacon practiced music together and now their steady devotion brought them a national success with performances and record sales. Although Kevin Bacon decided to pursue an acting career at an early age, he possessed his love for music throughout . Part of his musical memories come from his musically (classical, folk, rock) active brother, Michael Bacon. As an Emmy winning composer and a former band member of Good News, him and his brother began allowing themselves to put their talent and energy together. The Bacon Brothers were then formed in 1994 and in less than 3 years, the band rapidly majested popularity among the immense fans and succeeding in national performances. Their exhibit with two of their recent albums, Forosoco (1997) and Getting There (1999) lit a light to their scene. The Style Their music is mostly influenced by the 60's & 70's country/rock which at that time the brothers were greatly inspired by the artists and the music - As Kevin comments Michael Bacon that he was ,"Glad To Survive The 70's" to write a song about them. The Band Members Kevin plays lead vocals and the acoustic guitar while Michael controls vocals and instrumental abilities; acoustic, electric guitar and cello (also the producer). Paul Guzzon backs with electric bass and background vocals, Marshal Rosenburg on percussion , Frank Vilardi on the drums Irwin Fisch on the organ/piano and Jon Herington on the electric/acoustic guitar. Forosoco - This Debut was released by independent Bluxo Records in November 4th 1997. The CD reaches from ballads to hard tunes influenced by the music the brothers enjoyed listening to back in the 60's and 70's. Guest artists include Jon Bon Jovi and Jonathan Edwards. Highlights: Old Guitars/ Brown Eyes/ Boys in Bars Listen to Forosoco at Yahoo Music Getting There The follow-up CD was realeased by Helena Music Co. in August 31st 1999. This new release embarked the fans into a dynamic journey of harmony and storytelling and captured wider audiences with appreances from Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Rosie O'Donnell Show. Highlights: Ten Years in Mexico/ T.M.I/ Don't Lose Me Boy. Two albums and a handful of national tours later, they're still going strong to surprisingly positive critical response. Currently on the road in support of their latest effort, ``Getting There,'' the Bacon Brothers bring their easygoing pop to Slim's on Friday.

By Randy Cohen

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