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Creed.."" Worth the Wait"
6/ 15/00 San Jose, CA.

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........{short description of image} he Creed fans at the San Jose concert were anxious and also worried, because the last two Creed concerts were cancelled at Portland & Vancouver, and this show tonight is a makeup of last November's cancellation. Lead -singer Scott Stapp came down with a case of laryngitis after the band played in 100-degree weather followed by a Vancouver concert in the cold rain.

.....Worth the wait ,.Creed is one of the best bands that I have seen in concert. Their music sounded so clear, as if I was listening to a CD. Creed came equipped with a dazzling display of special effects, complete with fireworks, fire, and mist resembling flowing water. Creed's live performance is Amazing. It was definitely an "experience" to see this band perform live. They kicked some MAJOR energy all through their set. Every song that was sung was even more special than the one before - the audience sang along. Everyone knew all the lyrics to the songs which brought everyone together as "one," You could truly feel Scott putting his personal touch on each note he sang - what a performer! You can tell this guy gave it his all!

.....I felt estactic with the special way lead guitarist Mark Tremonti performed the intros of each song. It went straight through to my soul and I felt as if my heart would burst from the outpouring of emotion and passion from this band. Creed started with Ode, and from that song on, they powered through the most phenomenal hour and a half that I have ever seen. There were several things I enjoyed about Creed, other than the obvious fact that they share their music with their fans. Many of the songs, the band would extend the choruses and verses to let fans sing along like "Higher" and "What If?" sounding new, fresh, and exciting.

Setlist: Ode, Torn, Are You Ready?, Beautiful, Say I, Wash Away Those Years, My Own Prison, What If?, Unforgiven, Illusion, Faceless Man, With Arms Wide Open, What's This Life For? Encore: One, Higher

By Randy Cohen

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Members of Creed are:
 Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall)