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...... Creed, one of the most successful rock bands of the past decade, Since their formation, Creed has sold close to thirty-five million albums and millions of concert tickets. Now on tour anounced all four of the original band members are back together for a summer tour and a new album. The songwriting team of Stapp and Tremonti are considered one of the most prolific in rock history. I caught their show in San Francisco . They did a wonderful job balancing the sound to where I could actually understand the lyrics as Scott belted out all of their best songs. It was an unforgettable night Scott's voice is thundering the way it was pre-2000. They blast hit after hit after hit, not a bad song the entire night. They don't hold back & give EVERYTHING. songs like 'My Own Prison' & 'Human Clay was played in it's entirety along with Bullets, My Sacrifice, Higher and other tasty tidbits. Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti & company produce something live that can only be felt in concert. I've seen hundreds of acts and can honestly say what they achieve is unique and quite an experience. There's a mutual love & affection that happens when they play with their music fans . Check out Creed in concert

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