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 "T-Mobile Rocks the Rock" with "Creed
Rocking the USA!

..."Creed," whose debut album was aptly titled "My Own Prison," and "The Wallflowers" were featured at concert billed as "T-Mobile Rocks the Rock" on October 10th on the historic prison island of Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay.
..The event was hosted by T-Mobile, the mobile telecommunications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. Most notable is the fact that this is the "first" rock concert held on the Rock, home to such lovely characters as Al Capone, Stroud - more commonly known as the Birdman of Alcatraz and other notorious inmates. Alcatraz is a favorite tourist destination for San Francisco visitors and the central location for the movie "The Rock" starring Sean Connery.
....At one point, though it was thought that Stapp from Creed was not going to be able to make the event due to swelling of his vocal chords caused by excessive wear and tear, he didn't want to let his fans down and prayed that he would be able to make it through the night to satisfy all those who trekked over the choppy bay waters to hear them play. Thanks to the Wallflowers stepping in and lending a hand and delivering an impressive one-hour set of old and new hits, ....Creed was able to do an abbreviated set of seven songs. Scott Stapp has incredible willpower. Even though we were told he had Laryngitis, his vocals are second too absolutely none. I have never seen a concert or an artist that commands the attention of such a diverse crowd from start to finish. The fact that he wrote so many of the lyrics himself makes it easy for him to get emotionally involved in his expressions and actions. So many of his songs hit home with me, and it was amazing to see him perform. Mark Tremonti's performance has the best guitar display I have ever seen. How these two guys hooked up on the same band is amazing, and it must have been destined by God and everyone beneath him. With Arms Wide Open had to have been my favorite on the evening, although the other six songs were a close second. At one point he mentioned to the crowd, "You make really some good looking prisoners and I will sing this song 'My Own Prison.'
.." T-Mobile's promotion of their Western cell phone service awarded 500 "cellmates" with tickets to the party, including airfare and hotel accommodations, via nationwide radio promotions and more. The official count of 1500 guests was given wristbands, colored-coded laminates and pat-down body searches. There were also 500 people from T-Mobile. Tickets for outsiders were ultra difficult. Those attending were T-Mobile big wigs major customers and radio contest winners and yours truly. Branded promotional giveaways were black fleece jackets (T-MOBILE ROCKS THE ROCK), long sleeved t-shirts, caps and rain ponchos. During the event, T-Mobile displayed Sidekick-their new wireless device. It is a handheld web browser/email, phone and camera. People were taking pictures at the concert and emailing them to their friends. The front stage crowd was pre-cast and pre-selected for "hi-energy and enthusiastic" people for the VH1 taping. For those of you who were not able to secure a ticket, the show airs in November. Keep your eyes peeled.
.....The location, the artists and the backdrop of the San Francisco skyline combined to make this a memorable event. After the event, were given a free ride back across the Bay to San Francisco and the real world. It's for sure that the prisoners who once resided on The Rock didn't get entertained with this quality of music, or receive a bay cruise back to their car. Many thanks to T-Mobile for engineering this one of a kind event!

By Randy Cohen