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Dave  Matthews

Rocking the USA!




    Few bands have released more rocking albums like DMB, which speaks volumes to their enthusiastic fans. There live shows are awesome.  Dave Matthews can never fail to exemplify the art of the live performance.  The stage this year is much simpler than it was last year. It was just four or five colorful banners hanging in the back. It was obvious that Dave was excited about this show, as he was more talkative than I have seen him before. Their summer tour had a strong set that includes a mix of DMBís standard tour catalog along with some newer pieces that are making a strong showing .

    DMB's sound resonated throughout every soul of their songs right into their fans.  As if we were all summoned to some righteous crusade.  DMB has pretty much covered the bases this time as far as music goes. They played all the hits like Pantala Naga Pampa song  never fails to bring the crowd to their feet. And the vibes that were mixing from the crowd to band made it a high point of the show the crowd was ecstatic. The song Sister is a beautiful song, a great way for Dave to show his love and respect for his late Sister. Before the song, he shared a bit of his emotion with the crowd, telling us how he felt and where the song came from. The song Crash was amazing with the full band this time, not always played  with a full band it is mainly played on his solo tours nice come back. Smooth Rider is a strong song. The only word to describe Ants Marching is excellent. For anyone who hasn't seen a Dave Matthews show get on board it truly melts into you. I truly believe he makes people part of his music family.




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Set List

Pantala Naga Pampa
Rapunzel *
Proudest Monkey
Satellite *
If I Had It All *
Dreamgirl *
The Idea of You *
Shotgun *
Louisiana Bayou *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Loving Wings *
Dancing Nancies *
Can't Stop
You Might Die Trying *+
Two Step *+
Sister ~
Everyday *
Stay *