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TDavid Gray

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       David Gray is back with a tour of his seventh album 'Life in Slow Motion' which was released in Ireland on 9th September, UK and Europe 12th September and the USA and Canada on 13th September.
      On his seventh album (and first for Dave Matthews' ATO label), David Gray refines his sonic palette with wonderful results. There's quite a bit of diversity afoot. Gray has finally upped the quality of his musical presentation.  Initial single "The One I Love" showcases the step into more bountiful arrangements.
        His CD "Life In Slow Motion" is the deceptively consummate product of two years of near-constant evolution, described by David as 'the tip of an iceberg' of new material generated along the way.  At the Oakland Paramount Thousands of fans heard another side of the introspective lyricist,  a rocking, edgy, slamming side.         Gray, with the help of several bandmates (including a maniacal, very talented drummer), ripped through song after song off internationally acclaimed albums White Ladder and A New Day at Midnight.  Gray opened with The Other Side, with its spare arrangement and his warm voice cutting through the lyrics: "Honey now if I'm honest/I still don't know what love is/ Another mirage folds/into the haze of time recalled/And now the floodgates cannot hold/All my sorrow, all my rage/A tear that falls on every page/Meet me on the other side".    
        It a mellow eventful night. David took those clear-eyed, polished songs off the albums and just tore through them like a rock 'n' roll band should, with smoking percussion and searing guitars. David's energy is amazing, and belies the mellow feel of some of his songs.
          As the night wore on he poured himself into the set and paused for a occasional joke or two with the crowd. David Gray is already an icon in Ireland and now the United States is taking hold. Song after song seemed to reflect something to everyone listening. Songs like White Ladder, Babylon, Dead in the Water, Long Distance Call. And his fans sang along on every word, illustrating the connection of David Gray's deep-set lyrics.
        An encore included Sail Away and "Please Forgive Me", both huge fan favorites.  Great shows always a must to see him live.




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