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.      .A  live performance of David Gray is a wonderful experience of passion and seriousness that he presents in every song and shares with his audience how it feels ,its quite amazing.  I have been to hundreds of concerts and live shows of David Gray are  incredible .  David Gray songs exudes mellowness want and overall a deep  experience of bliss .  His  music breath with serious words that make you dream and ponder life.   David Gray is a rare artist that projects his moody soft ballets into a momentum increasing it to high peaks then bring you down to almost complete quiet bliss with mellow songs. Taking the time to really listen to the lyrics allowed it to sink in a little deeper. He also a live one on stage jumping and down and moving to every beat, with his head and feet. Oakland paramount grand theater of early 1900 's yesteryear is a beautiful place for a concert with David Gray to show his beauty.David Gary  played 6 new songs from his new album Mutineers . Started off on "Back in the World” from his new album “Mutineers” – played on the piano. “As the Crow Flies”  "Mutineers". Birds of the High Arctic" ,"The Incredible" ,"Cake and Eat It".

     David preceded to play classic's from the White ladder album that got the crowd on their feet dancing and joining in clapping with songs  "Please Forgive Me",  "Babylon", "My Oh My". In addition to his brilliant new compositions he also features  very delicate acoustic playing a  sound that stays in the background and adds to the songs  amazing texture. His voice has never sounded better. The concert was excellent well done bringing smiles and relax feeling with slow mellow music.

No. 1 Song:  “Back in the World” from his new album “Mutineers” – played on the piano

No. 2 Song:  “As the Crow Flies” from Mutineers” – played on piano then guitar

No. 3 Song:  “Mutineers”, the title track from the Mutineers album – played on guitar and harmonica

No. 4 Song:  “Last Summer”, from Mutineers album – on guitar and then harmonica.  Beautifully harmonized with band. Green incandescent lights setting mood.

No. 5 Song: “Birds of the High Arctic” from Mutineers album on guitar then piano.  Bird songs with white lights playing over the audience and band harmonizing. Tempo of song was slow/fast/slow.

No. 6 Song:  “The Incredible” from Mutineers album on guitar.  Very poignant piano sound in background.

No. 7 Song: “Cake and Eat It” from Mutineers album on guitar.

No. 8 Song:  “My Oh My” from White Ladder album on guitar.  Starts as a sad ballad and then starts rocking.

No. 9 Song: “Fugitive” from Draw the Line album on guitar.  Hard rock song.  Audience on their feet dancing.

No. 10 Song: “Nemesis” from Draw the Line album on guitar.  Long song.  He does a long rift .  The light sprays the audience in white and greens. 

No. 11 Song: “Laughing Gas” with harmonizing

No. 12 Song: “Beautiful Agony” from Mutineers album.  Marching beat with an earsplitting hue on the accordion.

No. 13 Song: “Flame Turns Blue” from Lost Songs 95-98 album on guitar

No. 14 Song: “What Hurts the Most” (cover song) on guitar

No. 15 Song: “This is the Life” (cover song) (solo) on piano

No. 16 Song: The Song of Wandering Aengus, from a poem by WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS solo on guitar

No. 17 Song: Falling Free on piano (solo)

No. 18 Song: Babylon, guitar solo

No. 19 Song: Silver Lining from the White Ladder album on guitar

No. 20 Song: The One I Love on the guitar from his Greatest Hits album.  Whole audience stood up to this one

No. 21 Song: Please Forgive Me from his Greatest Hits album on guitar

Encore Songs:

No. 22 Song:  Sail Away from Greatest Hits album


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