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Interview with Wil Martin of
Earshot at the Warfield in San Francisco 

....Earshot's debut album, "Letting Go," will be released on Warner Bros. Records in May, with their first single, "Get Away," going to radio in March. Though the members of Earshot currently call Los Angeles home, each member's musical Upbringing began from as far away as Austria and France, and as close to America's heartland as Kansas and Ohio. Earshot's music is as equally diverse as their bloodlines. "Headstrong," "Not Afraid" and "Get Away" set a powerful and relentless course. Earshot continues to deliver with an explosive energy with their live shows too, at the Snow -Core Tour coming through San Francisco with Adema and Alien Ant Farm, Earshot proven a musical power house on stage. Wil Martin vocals although being compare to Maynard James from Tool, has his own ever changing style. Back up with a tight talented musicians. Earshot is the band to watch this year

...........INTERVIEW WITH EARSHOT Will Martin

Q: When is your new CD name "Letting Go" released ?
A: Actually it comes out May 7th.
Q: Are radio stations playing your single"Getaway." ?
A: A lot of radio stations. It feels good when that happens.
Q: Have you done a video?
A: Not yet. We're looking at video treatments now.
Q: How long have you guys been together?
A: A little over three years.
Q: Now has it been the same guys for the three years?
A: No. We've had some personnel changes. This is what it's been now with the exception of the bass for about a year.
Q: How long is this Sno -Core tour?
A: Six months.
Q: So are they talking about a European Tour yet.
A: We're trying to take our time a little bit. To develop a fan base and get our music out there.
Q: Do you go straight for the mike at a live show, or do you play the guitar as well?
A: Live, I just sing. When we were doing the record, I played a lot of guitar. I try to not play a lot when live - then I'm using fifty percent attention on the guitar and fifty percent on the singing.
.Q: Instrumentally, you guys really sound great.
A: Yeah. I think that - at least I hope and when the record comes out and people actually get to sink their teeth into it, it's not really as people initially think. "Getaway" does sound a little familiar already to most people, but I think when people, especially in this day and age, when you hear a single on the radio promoting a new band, then you get the record, it's pretty much that song as the theme throughout the record. So, I think once people buy the record and they listen to the whole thing, I think that's when they'll find out that that song reminded us a little bit like that, but this record sure doesn't sound like that.
Q: Where's is home?
A: Sunny Los Angeles.
Q: A lot of potential and lot of record companies.
A: A lot of bands.
Q: How did you get noticed?
A: We recorded one song and took that one song just kind of basically initially I did that to get a reaction. That one song spawned a lot of interest and played it out. We tried to set ourselves apart as much as we could from the rest of the bands. We got lucky and got our shot. We just wanted to be with somebody who believed in us. So like Warner Bros. were the ones that believed in us.
Q: So how did your writing come about?
A: All of the songs are pretty much inspired by the experiences that I have gone through in life or the songs or the songs were inspired from things about myself that I often wonder about.
Q: Have you been set up for the OzzFest?
A: We haven't decided if we're going to be able to do that yet. We're still talking about it.
Q: When you established yourself as a singer, did you have any kind of training or anything, or did you just go with the flow?
A: Not in the beginning. I started to take training - a little coaching. Make sure I'm doing things the right way so I have a career.
Q: That's true - sometimes you hear these guys yell and scream, and all of sudden they have no voice for the next day's tour. Have you got other songs that you want to make another CD with or are you able to write on the road or anything?
A: When I get back to L.A., this is actually going to become a recording studio back here.
Q: Can you sum up your music?

A:"A lot of the songs are about relationships or about having a bad day, where nothing seems to go right, or where you just dwell on the negative. But the album as a whole is about getting past all that.We want to play heavy rock music, but take it a step further.

Thank you keep on Rocking !

By Randy Cohen

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Wil Martin: Vocals
Mike Callahan: Rhythm guitar
Scott Kohler: Lead guitar
Dieter Hartmann: Drums

  Earshot's Debut Album,Letting Go, will be in