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" Rocks The Ozzfest "

Miami-based Endo was as pleased to see the crowd as they were to see them. They offered up "Malice,'' "Leave Us Alone'' and other songs in a tight, fun performance and the mosh pit answered with renewed energy. Endo's laid a nu metal blueprint with their 2001 release Evolve. On their new release, Songs For The Restless, the quartet crumpled up those plans and started again. The new release on "Songs for the Restless" sees Gil Bitton singing rather than rapping and screaming decidedly less. While vocalists that change their style isn't anything rare, ones that manage to do it for the better are few and far between. Bitton's singing is clean, pure and a pleasure to listen to. Throughout many of the songs, Bitton comes across smooth and with heart. With the emotional vocals and wide open rock sound, Endo has stepped away from its nu metal sound and firmly into the emo-tinged post-grunge scene. The few thick metal chords and screams differentiate the group from other bands like Outspoken and Oleander. All of Endo's new tracks fit in that three-four minute range that radio stations love. Florida's Endo has truly taken their music to the next level. During Ozzfest 2003 the band may face a few 'old school' fans that reject their new sound, but they are sure to find a majority of new fans that will embrace it. Simple Lies," the first single from Endo's sophomore Songs For the Restless album, will finally hit radio airwaves July 29th. It can also be found on the "Daredevil" movie soundtrack album released earlier this year. Slow, fast, hard, soft, crunchy guitars, acoustic guitars, Songs For the Restless plays like a heart monitor; a steady groove accentuated by the lowest valleys and the highest peaks, always when you need them, always at just the right time." And East Coast Romper concluded: "The music is dark, seductive and guides you through the peaks and valleys of the soundscapes that are displayed through each and every track. Their first single, 'Simple Lies,' conjures up an ambiance that is overwhelming…The chorus surges with melodic and alluring sensations…I'm seriously fully blown away with what Endo has captured in this new disc…Endo looks like another favorite in 2003 to cut loose."

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Gil Bitton Vocals
Zelick: Bass
Joe Eshkenazi:Drums
Eli Parker: Guitar