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Every Seven ...""Vote for them on icast.com "

.......FANS AND JUDGES CLAIM EVERY SEVEN AS THE "LAND YOUR BAND" WINNER AT LIVE EVENT TUESDAY iCAST and Live 105 give five local bands shot at major record deal San Francisco - June 7, 2000 - Members of Every Seven, a formerly undiscovered local San Francisco area band, were singing a different tune early this morning when a capacity crowd and judges awarded them the coveted title of "Regional Winner" at iCAST's "Land Your Band" music competition recently. The band's members, Stewart Kellar, 17, Mike Yocum, 22, Bobby Templin, 17, Nick Tesca, 17, will go on to play at "Big Freakin Day," on June 8th, along with headliners including Moby, Everclear, Cypress Hill, Limp Bizkit, Third Eye Blind, the Offspring, Stone Temple Pilots and Magnify. Every Seven will compete in the final stop on the "Land Your Band" promotional competition before going to the national round on June 16th. Every Seven will compete against four other city's finalists at www.icast.com, where the iCAST community will choose which act will win an introduction to major record label executives, endorsed by the program directors at sponsoring radio stations. The nationwide contest lasts through July. iCAST (www.icast.com)


Q: So how fast is this music world going for you ?
A. From two weeks earlier just playing the garage to just playing in front of 22,000 people.
Q: Did you play any clubs ?
A: No, we played at the high school once at lunch and we played at U.C. Santa Cruz, and Bottom of the Hill. That's where the finals were and that's about it. The BFD is probably our fourth gig.
Q: What was BFD7 Like?
A: There was three stages. There was a local stage, which we were on, and there is a dysfunctional stage and then the main stage. We actually drew a pretty good crowd, because at our same time slot there was Power Man 5000 and Cypress Hill and we probably got like 350 - 400 people, which is more than I expected.
Q: Since the new member did you play BFD
A: Yeah. I have been with them since they started again to. It was a rush just to be at the Bottom of the Hill. It was like a sound board. Everyone was pretty stoked about that and monitors.
Q: Did you get an opportunity to meet any of the heavy weights there?
A: We met a couple people. Like Fred Durst, the guys from Papa Roach. Bobby the drummer opened for them about a year and a half ago with his old band, he opened for them at the Cactus Club, and I met the guy from Powerman 5000. Pauly Shore was there. He didn't really care to talk to anyone who wasn't a girl. Crackhead Bob from the Stern show. He was there with Hank Drunken Dwarf and Gary the Retard. They were funny.
Q: So you talk to Fred Durst.
A: I talked to him earlier, but I was kind of star struck. I went looking for him again to tell him to tell him to check us out, but I didn't get the chance.
Q: This was fantastic recognition for you guys.
A: Yeah, its really good. We've been getting a lot of e-mails from people and stuff. Q: What happens to you guys next? Do you go to New York to compete?
A: Well, we are representing the bay area, and then there is L.A., DP in New York and Boston.
Q: When do those competitions come up?
A: Its during this on-line voting. It's kind of a pain in the ass, but... it's not that easy to do, because you got to register and its just kind of time consuming waiting for stuff to load up. Our friends are way to lazy to do that.
Q: How long have you guys been together?
A: Actually, Nick, Stuart and Bob have been playing together for about two years. I played with Bob a year ago like a couple of times and I like joined the band probably in March because I wanted to play with them. It's probably been like 3 months that its been official.
Q: How does it feel started out so young, in a grown up business..
A: Yeah, a lot of the guys in the band don't like that comparison, but I don't feel like that. With the youth.
Q: I mean its fantastic that you guys are starting off this young. The opportunities are endless. Have you guys already been approached by record companies?
A: Our manager has gotten a lot of cards and stuff and like we have gotten calls. Basically people asking for CD's. So we are just sending those out, trying to get more shows.
Q: Do you have more than just the three songs?
A: Yeah. Those are the only three we have actually been able to get in the studio with. We did those probably three weeks after we were official. Those are the strongest three songs. We have probably about 12 to 14 songs by now, and then we have a couple more we have been working on. Just trying to lay down some tracks. We're pretty much ready to go.
Q: Are these three songs, "Andre", "Don't Know", and "Take Me For A Ride", which one has been the most popular?
A: Actually we have received a pretty even response from all of them. "Andre" - definitely the girls like that one the most. Definitely a chic's song. Probably "Take Me For A Ride" is the most popular. It's a little long though.
Q: What would be the influences of the band?
A: Like Sublime. Like Bobby loves Sublime and a lot of Reggae like stuff. Then, Stuart's really a metal head. He likes Megadeth, and stuff like that. Nick's a punk. He's into punk stuff. I'm into more mellow stuff, kind of like Harbor (??) and that whole type.
Q: Have you played any more clubs since BFD?
A: No. Actually, our drummer (Bobby) took off the next day to be a camp counselor. So, he's gone for another week, so me, Nick and Stuart have been getting together writing, attempting to call clubs and get more gigs for when Bobby gets back, we have places to play and keep going on this whole media thing, ride it out and take advantage of it.
Q: So where did the name come from?
A: Do you know how waves come in sets of 7 and how the 7th one is always the biggest.

Q: Before you entered the contest, were you approached by I-Cast?
A: No, we just heard it on the radio Live105. So, Stuart was like I'll just throw it up on the computer and we polished up the three songs and threw them up there.
Q: What kind of bass do you play?
A: It's an Ibanez studio bass. I don't know what series it is, but it's really nice. It has a nice feel to it.
Q: What kind of amplification do you use?
A: I play an SWR head with amp heads(??). You get a nice tone out it.
Q: The other guys in the band, do they play with any kind of special effects, or is it pretty much clean?
A: No, actually they have a lot of effects. Like Nick just bought this pedal board the other day. He has like a delay. A digital delay, flanger, an automatic wah - specral distortion, stuff like that.
Q: What kind of guitars do they play?
A: Nick usually plays a Fender Strat. Stuart plays an ESP and a Drackson. I don't know what make.
Q: Do they have a time frame on this voting?
A: The new one? Yeah. I think its from now until July 24th or July 28th. So it's a ways,
. Q: The whole thing about this is that I CAST.com can make a difference on bands like yours making the record deals.
A: We just want to go out and play and hopefully get some new fans. Its a little easier to get to than dealing with the whole I-Cast thing, cause it's really hard to find gigs otherwise.
Q: Do you have a gig yet?
A: We're in the midst of calling clubs now. Just kind of getting on the horse. We just have to go there and drop off CD's. .
Well take hope you win it all ! A: It was really nice talking to you, thanks a lot Randy.

By Randy Cohen

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