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Fireball Ministry
Rocking the USA!


   When Fireball Ministry opened for Dio & Anthrax at the beautiful downtown Grand Theater in San Francisco, a lot of heavy rock fans didnít know what to expect. Usually an opener for well know metal bands have a hard time getting the crowd going, but not tonight. WOW this band can rock; they whipped the audience into a party mode right away, delivering a bombastic Sabbath-y sounds with energy and charisma. They kicked ass, fueled by the amazing James Rota's powerhouse vocals, crossed with traditional heavy metal (think Grand Funk Railroad meets Black Sabbath) they do a credible job at holding the audienceís attention. The Ministry manages to craft original, distinctive songs while at the same time sounding very similar to others in the field.

       From Los Angeles this heavy rocking band two guys and two girls teamed up for a flurry of fast and furious tunes, each one pulling the crowd tighter into their talented web until the final notes rang out and the house filled with applause and screams of approval. The most interesting song they played was "Flatline", which is the song chosen for their current video. The intro contains an awesome guitar riff, which the drums compliment perfectly. The song Flatline also contains a tasty lead solo, and solid bass lines, resulting in an unforgettable sonic mix of massive hard-rock thunder and powerfully dark melodies.  
     For those of you that love the old school style of metal check out there new CD "The Second Great Awakening" under the guidance of Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Danzig, Velvet Revolver), The band is JAMES A. ROTA (vocals, guitar)EMILY J. BURTON (guitar) JANIS TANAKA (bass) and JOHN ORESHNICK (drums).
 Fireball Ministry keeps it real


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