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 George Strait
Rocking the USA!
George Strait 


....... Maybe the reason Strait remains so popular is that he is consistent without going stale. Similar does not necessarily mean boring, however, and Strait still delivers his smooth, warm vocals in a way that makes him the closest thing there is to a country version of Frank Sinatra. As long as George Strait is around, contemporary country music is in good hands.
........George trait offered two hours' worth of pure country on a square-shaped stage in the middle of the Arco Arena Sacramento floor. He took turns at four mikes, giving fans on each side of the arena a prime view. The night of his tour kicked off with Strait walking through the audience separated by a barricade with the music of "Deep in the Heart of Texas,"
.......Strait With nary a slip-up, Strait's set was an endless line of hits beginning with "Stars on the Water," during which he kept the beat by tapping on the bottom of his guitar. It continued with "I Can Still Make Cheyenne," He was dressed in a blue checked longsleeve shirt and wearing his traditional pressed jeans and white hat, and a smile. He looked terrific.." I started to think maybe George forgot this was in the "round," because he played about five songs instead of moving to the next side. Next he sang "Write This Down," and "When Did You Stop Loving Me." Then he moved to the right side and sang "Heartland," (Shades of "Pure Country!") and then "Check Yes or No." Next side, with his back to me, he sang "Lead On," and "The Fireman." He continued with two songs a side 'til he got back to my side. Then he introduced his band. He doesn't talk a whole bunch, but boy does he have the hits. One funny thing I remember him saying before he sang "Murder on Music Row" was "AJ isn't here but don't worry, I know his part too." I really enjoyed the evening. I've listed the full set of 27 songs, including a 3 song encore. .....
......Throughout the '80s, he dominated the country singles charts and his albums consistently went platinum or gold. Strait rarely abandoned hardcore honky tonk and western swing-toward the beginning of the '90s, his sound became a little slicker, but it was only a relative change. George was also one of the few '80s superstars to survive the generation shift of the early '90s that began with the phenomenal success of Garth Brooks. In 1992, he made his first movie, Pure Country, which featured him in the lead role. George released a four-disc box set career retrospective, Strait Out of the Box, in 1995. By the spring of 1996, it had become one of the five-biggest selling box sets in popular music history. Blue Clear Sky, his 1996 album, debuted on the country charts at number one and the pop charts at number seven. In 1997, he released Carrying Your Love with Me following it with One Step at a Time in 1998. Always Never the Same appeared a year later, as did the seasonal effort Merry Christmas Wherever You Are. The simply titled George Strait, featuring the hit single "Go On,".       George Strait has routinely been releasing amazing music for the past 3 decades, so it comes as no big surprise that his current  album "Twang"  is again loaded with pure country gems. So what more could he possibly add after all these years, and his slew of #1 hits?  Well, for the first time Overall, George sounds just as strong as he's ever been,

By Randy Cohen

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   George Strait
Set list
Deep In The Heart Of Texas (intro)
Stars On The Water
I Can Still Make Cheyenne When Did You Stop Loving Me
Check Yes Or No
Lead On
The Fireman
Murder On Music Row The Chair
Blue Clear Sky
Introduce the Ace In The Hole Band
I Only Wanna Dance With You
My Life's Been Grand She'll Leave You With a Smile
Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind
Amarillo By Morning
If You Can Do Anything Else Living and Living
Well Take Me Back To Tulsa Milk Cow Blues
The Best Day
The Love Bug
The Road Less Traveled
The Cowboy Rides Away

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George Strait