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Born to Rock !

.....Singer Daryl Palumbo's voice is so amazing, only due to the fact that pure emotion is being taken and distributed through lyrics. You can definitely hear some of the influences of Glassjaw within the music. I heard a band with a menacingly dark sound and penchant for "jamming" that kind of grows on you.
......As for their live show, Glassjaw's songs fron thier album, Worship and Tribute, contains beautiful riffs, powerful lyrics, and raw emotions Glassjaw's live show is much heavier than anything they could capture in the studio. Not to worry, none of the complexity of their studio work is sacrificed in the translation from the studio to their live show. As a matter of fact, everything just gets amplified on a larger scale. The intensity, the heaviness, and the incredible energy the band puts out, is nothing short of awe-inspiring.
.......This band goes off, and the audience goes off with them, GLASSJAW held the audience's attention for the full length of their set. Daryl Palumbo is an intense performer, whose very real persona is based on his very real inner turmoil. You can hear the pain in his voice and you can feel what he's feeling inside being channeled through that voice.
......He and the rest of the band, Justin Beck and Todd N. Weinstock on guitars, Manuel Carrero (x-Stillsuit) on bass, and newly recruited drummer Larry Gorman (x-Orange9mm), accomplish everything they set out to do with their live show. If you ever hear a more emotionally charged hardcore album, please let me know. This NYC progressive hardcore outfit packs so much anger and feeling into their music that it's hard not to feel it with them. Masters of their music, these guys are seriously into what they do. Most of Daryl Palumbo's lyrics focus on rejection and getting dumped and are extremely angry with the female half of the species. While he's screaming intense lines like "If I can't have you no one will" the instruments are creating cutting riffs that pound into your ears. This album is non-stop aggression on all of the tracks. Musically their tunes are As thrash-by-numbers as you can get. But they do display an authenticity and Vigor in their playing that grabs your attention, Go check these guys out they Rock!

By Randy Cohen

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Daryl Palumbo - vocals Justin Beck - guitar
Todd Weinstock - guitar

Larry Gorman - drums Dave Allen - bass

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