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 Tragically Hip
Where have they been !

......When American music fans think of Canadian artists who have come to the states over the last ten years, acts like Barenaked Ladies, Alanis Morisstte and Neil Young immediately come to mind. However, to leave the intelligent alternative rockers The Tragically Hip out of the picture is simply wild.
.....Before they came to the San Francisco Fillmore for two sold out shows they sold out 26,000 seats at venues in Canada. They've been called quirky, strange, even disturbing --- but at heart the Tragically Hip are a bluesy, frenetic, slightly Theatrical rock act -- one of a handful of its generation's alternative/pop groups that actually rocked, kicking in the teeth of early albums by groups like REM (to which the Hip are endlessly compared) with their string of late 80s and early 90s albums. Though they've appeared on Saturday Night Live and at Woodstock 99 and been praised by rock critics beginning with some of their earliest releases, U.S. chart success continues to elude them . Granted, the group has found only sprinkles of commercial success in the states across a span of nine albums and over a decade together, but there are certain sections of the U.S. where their fan bases are dedicated their show San Francisco was for one.
.....The Hip fans that came to see them were in force to prove that they are the Band to Rock America. With Singing loud to every song and waving the Canadian Flag it was a show of shows to see. Throughout The Tragically Hip's hour and 45-minute performance, the band sampled bits from their entire career, focusing heavily on there new disc "In Violet Light." The project is somewhat of a turning point for the band, who although strives to be well rounded between all out rock and roll jams and tender acoustic Ballard, at times lacked accessibility. The crowd seemed to already know and love the first single off In Violet Light, the catchy It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken -- by which time Downie had a cool can of Heineken in his hand, dubbing it "the Dutch 50" -- and they liked or tolerated some of the other new tunes including Silver Jet. But it was upon hearing perennial favorite New Orleans Is Sinking, at the cathartic conclusion of the band's three-song encore, that the fans finally went completely mental.
.....Master of the moody rock song, the Tragically Hip's newest album, In Violet Light, practically invites soul searching, laden as it is with thoughtfully crafted kinetic rockers. Frontman Gordon Downie sings in an impassioned vibrato that sounds downright delicate amidst the album's scorching,electric-guitar-fueled pop, but it perfectly fits tracks like the soaring, anthem "Use It Up" and "The Darkest One." While Downie's lyrics are lean toward precise analyses of human behavior -- overly wordy ones, in the case of "The Dire Wolf" -- the lovely "A Beautiful Thing" allows him to invoke his romantic side. Much of this album's catchy appeal also translates well onto the stage.

By Randy Cohen

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   The Tragically Hip

Robby Baker -- guitar
Gordon Downie -- singer, acoustic guitar

Johnny Fay -- drums
Paul Langlois -- guitar, vocals

Gord Sinclair -- bass, vocals

Set list
Use It Up
New Orleans
Grace Too

Silver Jet
Puttin' Down
Hundredth Meridian Springtime In Vienna
Dark Canuck
Nautical Disaster
Little Bones
Long Time Running
Blow At High Dough
Encore1 ABAC
Fire In The Hole
Encore2 Steve

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