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 John Mayer
He is a Wonderland

.....John Mayer has been compared to the likes of David Gray, Sting and Dave Matthews. His CD "Room For Squares" has sold over 100,000 copies since its September release on Columbia without radio play or a video on MTV, and has reached No. 6 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.
.....After John did a short stint at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he set down his roots in Atlanta. Where he became a regular playing a steady stream of shows at venues like Eddie's .
.......When John Mayer released his debut solo , "Inside Wants Out", in 1999 . He began recording his major label debut ,releasing "Room for Squares", that fall with producer John Alagia, who had previously worked with artists like Dave Matthews and the Ben Folds Five. ......

...John Mayer's live acoustic set at the Greek Theater in Berkeley Rock the House for two solid long hours, with a never stomping beat. He made the sold-out house believe that he was going to be around for years to come with his newest and perhaps brightest sensation of good music and fun. He played with energy and, more important, sincerity. Never once did he look as though he wasn't enjoying himself, living the dream, with girls screaming, sweat pouring and a packed house singing along to all his songs.
.....John sings about real-life things. It's obvious with popular songs like "Why Georgia?" "Not Myself" and "Your Body is a Wonderland" have deep meaning not just for him, but for the crowd as well. At a few points of the show John Mayer also showed a great sense of humor clowning around with the audience. Interaction with the crowd .
..... I dont see many musicians do that any more. John Mayer demonstrates that he is clearly not a one-hit wonder and offers a creative side to watch out for, clearly a awesome musician.

By Randy Cohen

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   Set list
No Such Thing
My Stupid Mouth
City Love
Back To You
Something's Missing
Love Song for No One Your Body is a Wonderland
Jump (via Van Halen, partial)
Great Indoors
Why Georgia
Never Tear Us Apart (via INXS)
Solvi - drums

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