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T Journey

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    What an AWESOME show. The music was great. The weather was perfect. Konocti Harbor's an awesome venue to see one of the greatest bands ever. Love the new CD "Generations". The set list arrangement was perfect. All the past music (Pre-Perry) is such awesome work. Neil's a guitar God. Neal is one of the greatest guitar players out there today, and his axe was as sharp as it could be. The first set was the best, but Voodoo Child was the frosting on the cake. His version of voodoo Child ROCKED! That song alone was worth the price of admission. Ross Valory...the guy is a GREAT bass player and is a kick to watch on stage. He has a lot of fun and that's what it is all about. Jonathan Cain has got to be one of the best songwriters of all time and he really added to Journey's talent and depth.  

     Old Journey can sure ROCK when they want too. It was a trip down the old psychedelic highway for a few songs. Dean was another amazing piece of this journey. This guy plays the drums like there is no tomorrow, and he also sings. I think his voice was dead on Steve Perry. The new tunes are all wonderful, and Neal's "self-defense" and Ross's "She's Gone Crazy" are so perfect for each of them. "Butterfly" is also a beautiful song.


    I think this show was very good. The first"set" was very cool, with all the early stuff, but it was the second set that energized the fans. There is something missing in the beginning, and that is Steve Augeri. He keeps you pumped and your eyes dart back and forth and keep it real exciting. It's a good thing you have a video screen to watch during the first half because more people would get up and stretch their legs. Anyhow the music and talent was there, but it was more defined during the last half. It was truly a 30-year tour all rolled into one 3-hour evening.



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"guitarist Neal Schon, bassist Ross Valory, keyboardist Jonathan Cain, singer Steve Augeri and drummer Deen Castronovo"