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Live ...Rocks The Bay * 10/19/San Francisco PatrickDalhlheimer of Live
Edward Joel Kowalczyk- Lead Vocals, Guitar--- Chad David Taylor- Guitar, Vocals- Patrick Michael Dahlheimer- Bass Guitar--- Chad Allen Gracey- Drums and Percussion

Patrick Michael Dahlheimer

Q: How does it feel being called a Guitar-Bass God!

A: It's written any way, I don't know, the cool thing about it is at lease all the people I really dig aren't about show you know, and bass monsters. ALL the guys I've been into like this might seem silly, like John Taylor from Duran/Duran is was a player he fit the song. Again with Flea from red hot chili peppers on stage he is a show off, but when you sit down and talk to him he not about saying he's a bass god, same with John Enstwistle from the Who, I think bass should support the bands and not jump out in someone face.

Q: How about Stu Hamm from Joe Satriani

A: Again, I can sit there go wow, it's crazy stuff they play amazing, put it's who I choose to listen to, to its about that's about chops.

Q: Who do listen too on the road

A: I brought with me a Johnny Cash record along, "Live in Folsom prison", also I have this new "Pavement" record and this new Miles Davis album out now.

Q: Do you like jazz

A: Not allot, I have some Charlie Parker, I mean its all good.

Q: Have you played the Five string bass? A: Yeh actually there's one on tour, but its funny I'm not going to play it tonight, but usually when I do play it I only play the one String anyway,"laughs". I don't think I master four strings yet, so I don't want to vinegar their.

Q: How about up right Bass?

A: Fretless is actually a different story, actually it ties in with a six-string story. I learned on fretless by Don Carne my teacher back in New York. He taught me on a short scale fretlist, then I stepped up to the double bass the standed up, then I went back and plugged the electric Bass up and said this is easy now , I can see where the lines are "laughs" . Now I've been on A electric bass so long I don't think I can play stand up any more.

Q: I notice during your sound check you where Tapping, do you do that much?

A: Not any more unless we put out one of the old songs found out less is more, no more showy stuff.

Q; I like some Questions about your new record "The Distance to here"! On this new album how did you approach these songs, they sound so different from your other Live Albums?

A: Actually I don't know how, maybe because we approach the song writing process so completely different this time. The three of us the CHads and I decide that we just demo are own music at home and mail it out to each other and add and subtract stuff or what ever. Where as before we would just walk into a room and bang out some song .So in theory this record should be more diverse and all over the wall, but some how I don't know if we were all mentally in the same place but the stuff all Jelled. It has a good Sound! I think it's a record, I don't think it's a just a bunch of songs think it all ties together, like one piece, God knows how that all happen.

Q: You did have some down time between the last album do you think that helps.

A: Indeed the four of us are still great friends, but after being on a bus for two years together you don't what to see each other everyday everybody goes there own way and you start real life again, in York PA. Yes I'm the last one holding down the Fort. I'm representing it I love the seasons there.

Q: Is the song Run to the Water going to be your next single?

A: I think that's the game plan, we decide this time to let radio influence are decision, were going to do a big rock and roll video for it, that will be the next single I guess.

Q: Is the making videos intense?

A: It can be actually I kind of had fun doing this, the video for the "Dolphins Cry" was it was about two hours, having twenty thousands gallons of water dumped on you all day. It was cold, the sun went in Los Angles and they break out the fire hose to wet you down it was chilly.

Q: Where some spiritual messages in this last album "The distance to here"?

A: Not really, Edward Kowalczyk said, he's put to me lately that his spiritual belief is " Rock n Roll", with out that we would all be not living are full potential, it forces us to do things that are obviously effecting people emotionaly, so to us that is the spiritually of some sort. I think comes through the record, there no direct references of any being greater or smaller, but I think that runs through the album.

By Randy Cohen

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