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Elias Soriano- vocals Andrew Goldman - guitar Robb Rivera- drums KB - bass

Nonpoint has more in common with the Deftones and Incubus than they do with Limp Bizkit in that, though they do have a distinct rap element, it is de-emphasized in favor of the metal aspects of the music. Contemporaries are Linkin Park and Taproot, but Nonpoint stands apart audibly from these two acts enough to be its own thing in its own time. Nonpoint has an intangible sense of danger to their music . Thier CD "Statement" has a lyric that begins, "Set yourself to rant," which is more a command than a suggestion by ten seconds into the disc and also serves as the best indicator for what Nonpoint is up to musically. Nonpoint's debut disc, "Statement," is available on MCA Records. Nonpoint is a fresh new band, & is confirmed to play Ozzfest 2001, so you might say that the band is on top of the world right now, & from just one listen to their Statement CD, you would have to agree with me too! "Mindtrip" kicks off the CD & it has a groove that's reminds me of P.O.D.; the band has that rap/metal, new school sound. "Victim" reminds me of Limp Bizkit, except that there are much better vocals on the track than anything Fred Durst has ever done! "Endure" is mellow, & "Back Up" sounds like Korn allot. "Double Staked" has a good guitar riff & "Hive" is very heavy sounding. This may be a fledgling band, having been signed for merely a year and Statement being released only in October 2000, but Nonpoint's reputation as a hard hitting, hard working band has preceded them. They'll be sharing the honors and the stage with newcomers and veterans alike on the Ozzfest 2001 summer tour.


Q: How's the tour going so far?
A: It's going great, man. We're back out with Mudvayne and we're happy to be out with those guys again.
Q: When did Nonpoint form?
A: We met in October '96. Andrew and KB together were in another band called Fuse in December of '96. We got together for the first time on January of '97 and wrote 2 songs and here we are today, still together.
Q: How different is this CD release of "Statement" ?
A: The second release is kind of the same thing as the first one, but we still changed that and modernized it a little bit. That's what we were hoping for.
Q: The song "What A Day" is played on the radio stations allot?
A: There are songs that we really like on the album ... you know it's not really up to us a lot of time . That's another thing about "What a Day Is", he wrote really cool lyrics to that.
Q: Can you do that in one session, or does it take a while to write like that?
A; Absolutely, for me, I have to sit down for a while. It'll be like I'll write something, or they'll write something first, it floats either way.
Q: Your music is really intense. How do you keep that momentum going all the time?
A: That's just how we do. We're a heavy band. We consider ourselves more than heavy metal. There is things on top of it. A little blues, a little R & B.
Q: How did the bands name "Nonpoint" come about?
A: The name Nonpoint I first heard in '91. it was a title of a song from a band called Believer. I dug the name so I started using it around that time. It has no real meaning to us. It has something to do with pollution, but to us it just sounded cool.
Q: Is your style of music changing?
A: We feel like we're growing into different directions now. This first record was just like a jumping off point. There was a lot of old songs on it. We play the songs that are on album different, especially now that we're out touring with other bands. We wrote it the same day that we recorded it in the studios. I don't really play sweet Latin style. It's really beefed up a lot.

Q: What advice would you like to give to new bands starting out?
A: Growing up and allot of our fans are set with a lot of obstacles and we like to kind of give them a positive push forward to have a little pride in themselves and a little pride in their music and what they like and what they believe in. If we're going to be some sort of symbol for the youth of America or even just the rock side of America, we want to at least have some sort of positive statement .
Q: What do think about music being promoted on the internet?
A: The internet is the best way to promote hands down. I do not think it will overshadow MTV, NH1 or radio. Radio has been around for years. Radio is always being listened to and video stations evolve every year gaining audiences on a daily basis. Too many people use these resources to give it up.
Q: What bands have you toured with ?
A: We have played with Biohazard, Puya, Deftones, Filter, Glassjaw, Stone Temple Pilots, Snot, Machine Head, Suicidal Tendencies, Nothingface, Stuck Mojo, Veruca Salt, Local H, Coal Chamber and Bloodlet. .
Q: After you guys finish up this round of the tour, what's going on for the summer?
A: We just got confirmed for Ozzfest, so we're going to be doing that until August. Before that we should be doing a couple maybe Canadian dates .
....... Thank you for this Interview "keep on Rocking !

By Randy Cohen

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