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"Rocking The USA"

Queensryche were formed in Seattle, USA, by Geoff Tate (vocals), Chris DeGarmo (guitar), Michael Wilton (guitar), Eddie Jackson (bass), and Scott Rockenfield (drums) .
....At their live show in Sacramento they opened with "Open" from the new album Tribe . It sounded good, more like their later material rather than earlier material. In my opinion Queensryche has always had more of a British rock sound than American. Their song "NM156" was next. Songs like Empire, Walking In The Shadows, and Jet City Women fueled the audience and kept the rocking harder.
....On "Take Hold of the Flame," he did hit all the notes. Geoff Tate's voice was great as ever I guess all that opera training is paying off and he hit the high notes whenever he wanted and was in perfect control. It is rare to see a band with a "screaming" vocalist match the songs done in the studio during at a live performance from beginning to end. On all songs, thundering drums and brutal guitar licks dominate, while introspective lyrics are sung in that intense but cloying way that only a hard rock singer can properly deliver. The band also knew what they were there for. Playing to the long-time fans, and try to pull some new ones off the fence.
....And unlike most bands, Queensrÿche actually have the production and musical chops to back up their lofty pretensions. It really was a pleasure to see a well tone band come together with voice and sound precisely on cue.

They ended with "Queen of the Ryche" and "Best I Can," which were the encores. Set list, from albums, in no particular order, were: (1) E.P.: Lady Wore Black, Queen of the Ryche, (2) Warning: NM156, Take Hold of the Flame, (3) Rage for Order: Walk in the Shadows, (4) Empire: Jet City Woman, Empire, Best I Can, (5) Operation Mindcrime: Anarchy X, Revolution Calling, Speak, Eyes of a Stranger, (6) Tribe: Open

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