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Q:   Great show at Konocti Harbor Resort.

A:   That was a good night.

Q:   Like the white suit  it was hip.

A:   That's so I can look so groovy you know

Q:  You had a solo spot on the tour.  I never heard you sing before.  You've got a good voice.

A:  Well thank you.  I started actually spreading out last summer - last tour - last year.  So we began casting Journey repertoire as well and it sort of carried over this year including into the album.

Q:  It kind of blew my mind, because I never heard you sing and Dean also.

A:  I am good, Dean he's amazing.

Q:  I thought Deen sounded like Steve .

A:  Well because of the register ... the music, I mean.  The song I'm singing "Eight Track" is just one whole tone.

Q:  I noticed that your set was quite bluesy.

A:  Very bluesy.  You know currently that's my nitch.  On the new album, which you haven't heard yet, includes one or two songs sung by Deen and two by Jonathan, one by Neal and one by me and it's kind of an up-tempo boogey.  So I guess I'm hip to these guys.  

Q:  You really have a good sense of humor.  You look like you're really enjoying yourself when you get going.

A:  Once things are copacetic and relaxed and showing well, it's easy to be the court jester I guess.

Q: You are a busy guy you have other bands like Frumious Bandersnatch.

A:  Frumious Bandersnatch right.  It's a made up name.  Lewis Carroll in Alice through the Looking Glass owns it.  It's called the Jabberwocky; it's a poem - Alice in Wonderland basically.  And it's a name that one of the original members of that band chose.  It's a psychedelic era band and it's formed and reformed and such that just finished recording a new album.  This is my point four years later thereabouts and it should be released at my website in a month.  The website only opened about two months ago.  I've embarked on a singer career ... but that's another thing. Go to http://www.rossvalory.com/  its covers a lot new stuff I am doing.

Q:  Your also working with Neil Zaza?  

A:  Neil Zaza is also there on the album, with Steve Smith I recorded a few years ago on this album.  I did the same thing with Sy Klopps Blues Band and there are several other projects, which will be coming up shortly.  In the meantime, there's a Neil Zaza Staring at the Sun.

Q:   Great Stuff.

A:  So, it's a whole a bunch of things that are currently or have recently been involved with which is presenting.

Q:  Sounds like we'll put you on the roster with James Brown, the busiest guy in show business.

A:  Well you know, it's like if you wait long enough, and you engage in solo career, you're bound to get a lot stuff going on.   It's spilling over, including all other products, accessories associated with it, but it's for sale.  There's one thing - it's a little town that's going to grow.  Eventually it will have some message sports forums, news releases, news items.  The other aspects - the personal life, which people are curious about.  It's just going to be a whole page about desert camping and lakes.  Rick and I are buying recipes like Jonathan Cain, recommend music, recommended readings, you know people are curious about things, many aspects of Journey.

Q:  All around site.

A:  Yeah.  I guess just throw it out there and see what happens.

Q:  It's just two months old so you're still adding on.

A:  Yeah.  Well I started with the storefront.  Literally the storefront.

Q:  I like that, it's real hick too.

A:  It's a literal representation of by starting the store and it keeps people interested.  But the town will grow.

Q:  That's what I like about the humorous side of you.

A:  Well thank you, thank you.  You never know what to expect from me.  I guess it translates to the website as well. You never know what's going to happen son. I'm busy building my western town you know.  I'm a retro kind of guy.  Well at the moment and the pellets and a water pistol.  Don't turn your back on me boy.  Well, what else would you like to talk about?

Q:  I like the theme "30 years of Journey's" this time around.

A:  Well that says it all in the title of the new album and the title of the tour, which is "Generations."  People have been listening to our music for years and thank goodness for I guess classic rock.  It hasn't gone away.  Even on other planned classic rock stations we are played significantly.  The mainstay of our concert goer's appetite are those classic songs from the big hits from the 70's and 80's, so we never fall short in providing them with the best they come to hear, but on this occasion we are playing three hours for the most part.  We're playing by ourselves.  Even with Journey, three hours of music goes all the way back to the very first three albums prior to Steve Perry and the current music as well is had.  So, a semi-chronological approach to the whole thing and sometimes some people get confused because they'll hear this older material that they weren't aware of in the first set and think that it's the new material.So keep your ears to the sound board here and check it out.  

   Thanks for this interview keep on Rocking



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