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  Sammy Hagar
Rocking the USA!
Sammy getting down with Slide Guitar 
...Rocker and one-time Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has a tough time finding exciting ways to top himself. Last summer, he and original Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, despite name-calling and arguments, embarked on a highly publicized tour - together.
....So what's in store for Hagar fans this year? Only the biggest Cinco De Mayo party of 2003 with Sammy Hagar featuring Michael Anthony, rock en espanol band El Tri and Creedence Clearwater Revisited, all making their way to Mountain View on May 4. As former frontman for VH and his own successful solo career, Hagar has plenty of hits to choose from. Hagar took the stage backed by his band, the Waboritas.
....The shaggy-maned singer's stage set-up--which normally features a large-scale replica of the interior of his Mexico-based Cabo Wabo nightclub--was scaled down to a simple array of red-cased speakers and a small pair of bleachers filled with contest winners.
....The group kicked things off with "Red," one of Hagar's well known tunes. The setlist also featured other Hagar favorites, including "There's Only One Way to Rock," "Three Lock Box," "Heavy Metal," "I Can't Drive 55" and "Mas Tequila." Highway 61 Revisited (Everyone Must Get Stoned) 3) Three Lock Box 4) There's Only One Way to Rock 5) Top of the World 6) Rock Candy 7) Bad Motor Scooter.
......After all the ups and downs of last year's tour,with David lee Roth Hagar says he felt it was time for a change. "This year, I found some more reasonable people, who wanted to make a party out of it this year," explained Hagar. "I wanted this to be a celebration and a different-than-normal rock concert. Cinco De Mayo is just an excuse." This celebration will feature more than a night of rock great's, with everything from mariachis and wrestlers to salsa lessons and authentic Mexican food and with his own brand of Cabo Wabo Tequila.. " Last tour some 40 fans and lucky winners graced the stage on Hagar's bar-like setting. This year, he took it one step further "I've enlarged the bar," said Hagar making it 75 fans who grace the back drop on stage.
....Bassist Michael Anthony--who has been popping up at a number of this tour's stops--strolled on stage mid-set and sent much of the crowd into a cheering, screaming frenzy. Anthony, Hagar and company then tore through a batch of VH hits that included "Top of the World," "Why Can't This Be Love," "Best of Both Worlds" and "Finish What Ya Started.", Anthony nailed the thunderous bass lines and supersonic harmonies, and the Waboritas did an admirable job of replicating the classic tunes. The music was amazing, and the Waboritas were very tight.
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...... By Randy Cohen

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   Hagar Setlist:
1) Red 2) Highway 61 Revisited (Everyone Must Get Stoned) 3) Three Lock Box 4) There's Only One Way to Rock 5) Top of the World 6) Rock Candy 7) Bad Motor Scooter 8) Things Have Changed 9) Halfway to Memphis 10) Hallelujah 11) Deeper Kinda Love 12) Seventh Seal (*) 13) Runaround (*) 14) Best of Both Worlds (*) 15) Right Now (*) 16) I Can't Drive 55 17) Heavy Metal 18) Mas Tequila 19) Why Can't This Be Love(*) 20) Cabo Wabo (closing version) (*) with Michael Anthony on bass