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Joe Satriani "Crystal Planet Tour"* SacramentoJoe Sartiani at Sacrmento

Storming onto the music scene nearly a decade ago, Joe Satriani has been widely recognized as the foremost technical contemporary musician of our time. Since his emergence in 1986 with a self-released album, Joe has become the most recognizable guitar voice of this time, marking his notch alongside the great masters of rock guitar like Jimi Hendrix , Jeff Beck, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Primarly as an instrumental artist, Joe's recent lryic additons to a few songs on his revised "Crystal Planet" tour in Sacramento, prove to be a welcome creative move on his part. Starting off with "Not of this Earth", Satriani blasted a path of twenty-seven songs. There were a few surprises - after a fifteen minute intermission, he sat down with bassist Stuart Hamm and did a really nice acoustic set. He also played the harmonica on a few of his songs. Satriani presents his music using the structure of popular standard songs that allows listeners to latch onto tuneful melodies before being dazzled by his blazing finger work that pretty much dominates the whole fret board on every song. With acclaimed musicianship, his songs have a warm, bluesy tone with delicate phrasing. He combined that with bursts of superhuman technical sounds and keeping his special effects clean and nearly hands free from constant pedal swithching, "that a lot of rock guitarist do every five seconds." He is well beyond the standards of other musicians, without absence of a voice is not problem with Satriani's music, as his song's sing with instrumental vocal sounds. Satriani is perhaps the most successfiil rock instrumentalist in recent history, selling millions of records and consistently packing concert halls - yet always preserving a strong musical vision, as well as the respect of fellow musicians. "Crystal Planet" teams Satriani with bassist Stuart llamm and drummer Jeff Campitelli, two long-time collaborators who lend rich support to the album's striking variety of tunes .

By Randy Cohen

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