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107.7- Bone Bash 2000- Scorpions Go Classical? ..............9/30/00 San Francisco

THE SCORPIONS WITH THE SAN JOSE SYMPHONY , headlined radio station 107.7 the Bone Bash 2000 on Saturday evening playing to about 12,000 fans at the Cow Palace. It was one of only 2 U.S. dates to promote this ambitious musical event. . A mammoth undertaking, each instrument of the orchestra was individually miked: about 140 musicians, including 28 first violins, 18 second violins, 7 horns, 2 timpani and a harp. Plus the choir.
......The Scorpions and The San Jose Symphony pulled off a monumental rock show. The core members of the Scorpions, who have been around since the late 1960s, include founding member Rudolf Schenker on guitar, vocalist Klaus Meine (who joined in 1971), and 20-year veteran guitarist Matthias Jabs. The Scorpions' current tour is in support of its latest album, CD Moment of Glory, on which they collaborated with the Berlin Philharmonic Songs such as ``Winds of Change,'' ``Big City Nights,'' ``No One Like You,'' and even the new ``We Don't Own the World'' were a true delight.
.....The Scorpions are best known for their 1984 hit "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and are one of the most successful rock bands ever to hail from Germany.
.....The instant Rudolf, Klaus, Matthias, Ralph and James took the stage, it was like firebombs were shaking the stadium's concrete footings… the crowd was instantly gratified "Winds of Change" sounded incredible and the crowd stood through the entire length of concert. As a band that loves its fans, the band would often stand downstage to frequently interact with the crowd, which is one of the best things that can ever happen to a fan at rock concert. "Big City Nights" created an eruption from the crowd that was so intense that everyone in the place instantly felt like they were a part of something much bigger than just another concert.. The Bone Bash also featured Night Ranger in their only Northern California appearance this year. Back together with the original powerhouse line-up, they once again got the crowd to their feet with hits like, "Sister Christian" and "You Can Still Rock in America". In a free pre-concert show by acclaimed guitarist Pat Travers and Led Zeppelin tribute band Heartbreaker kicked off the evening with the Bone Bash BBQ. This radio station knows how to through a party.

By Randy Cohen

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   Members of the Band Are: !
Claus Meine Vocals since 1971 Rudolf Schenker Lead and Rhythm Guitar since 1965
Matthias Jabs Lead and Rhytmus Guitar since 1978
Ralph Rieckermann Bass since 1992
James Kottak Drums since 1988