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Soul Sirkus  

Rocking the USA!


    Soul Sirkus is a powerful blend of musicians, with diverse backgrounds of style that makes a rock show really worth checking out. On lead vocals is Jeff Scott Soto ex Talisman, Journey’s Neal Schon, drummer Vigil Donati and ex-Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy bassist Marco Mendoza.  And checking them out indeed was a huge crowd of music fans at lake Tahoe Nevada, on the last day of their tour in the US, before heading on to their Europe tour.

    Soul Sirkus played most of their new debut album called World Play. The song "Highest Ground" is led by a fist pounding riff that never lets up. "Another World" combines wailing Neil Schon guitar licks .  Jeff Soto sang a nice emotional ballad "Soul Goes On". Another nice song "Friends 2 Lovers’ with a blistering ‘My Sanctuary’ .The new music is cool and melodic with plenty of edge.

    Jeff Scott Soto does an awesome stage appearance getting the fans to rock out on a screaming hard rock song called "Stand up and Shout". Jeff did the vocals on this song that was featured in the movie "ROCKSTAR" starring Jennifer Anniston and Mark Wahlberg. What a voice!

     The entire band played well, and it was great to see Neal Schon the famous lead guitar player of Journey with his blistering solos the best in the world, blasting away on awesome riffs. I have seen Schon play many times and he always amazes me with his incredible talent, since his early days with Santana and he is a genius at playing the solo's that make you in awe!

    Jeff Soto sat down on piano and sang some Journey songs  "Faithfully" and ‘Whose Crying Now " plus a bit of Seal's 'Crazy' and Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody' and a cool number by Prince ‘Purple Rain’. By then you really knew then how talented this guy was, a beautiful voice with great stage presents and with a storming finish working the crowd just a ball of energy - you could easily see why he is the best frontmen around today in rock.

     For many fans of melodic hard rock Soul Sirkus is the band to check out.  I have not heard a band like this in a very long time, the perfect combination of beautiful melodies and explosive attitude. And if you are into the old school of Hard rock sound, then you have to get their CD and check them out when they come to town to do their live show. It's rare now a day for bands to have such talent.





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The new Soul SirkUS:

Neal Schon - Guitar

Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals

Marco Mendoza - Bass

Virgil Donati - Drums.


Check out World Play