ARCO ARENA  1/27 & 2/6

ARCO Arena Sacramento, CAFeb. 6, 1999


............. The crowd from where I was this time was of the 30s & 40s range All pumped up and ready to go .Mick welcomed everyone and confessed that "I felt like Shit" the first time!" referring to the 1/27 show. The Stones cancelled the San Jose shows ,because of Mick Jagger being to sick to go on. I had a photo pass for that show and caught the first two songs, but was not granted tickets until this show on Feb 6th. ! . Opening up with "Jumping Jack Flash".His voice was great .Although a lot of the drunk weekend warriors with no sense of rhythm types seemed to really go for it though. During "Ruby Tuesday" they did a nice split screen of Mick and Keith side by side singing. Let me go out on a limb here: I am starting to feel that Moonlight Mile has left the building. Mick played what looked like a Gibson Hummingbird on "Dead Flowers" that I noticed was not wireless. It had a patch cord that had to be at least 100 feet long. During Keith's set . Keith I may ad look he got hit by a truck with all this crap hanging from his hair .Well I knew as soon as I saw no pedal steel and Keith with a telecaster something was going to be different. I enjoyed "Thief" as it was my first time and Keith went "all the way." Ronnie's daughter Leah sang backing with Lisa and Pierre de Beauport was on Keyboard next to Chuck. Out of Control had no cage. After the mini stage set before walking back to the large stage, this lady had a HUGE bouquet of flowers shaped with a valentines day heart on top. She kept trying to give it to Mick while he sang on the little stage but he stayed focused. I thought to myself that he had to have seen these. When Ronnie walked by her he was trying to get them from her and Keith was restraining him as a joke! Ronnie would struggle to get closer to the flowers (that were intended for Mick) I could not hear any of the dialog that must of been said but I am sure it was good. Finally Ronnie gave Mick the huge flowers and everybody cheered. By "Start me up", Keith and Ronnie both looked really bore. They were trying to keep each other awake and amused by goofing around a bit. from here on out most of the songs had shortend endings ... Over all the evening went well the Rolling Stones still rock are world .Thanks for coming back to Sacramento! 
  By Randy Cohen

[image]  Start time: 9:35 End time : 11:35 The set list: Jumping Jack Flash Live With Me Respectable You Got Me Rocking Honky Tonk Women Ruby Tuesday Dead Flowers Some Girls Saint of Me Paint It Black -- Introductions -- Before They Make Me Run (Keith) Thief In The Night (Keith) Out Of Control Route 66 (B-stage) When The Whip Comes Down (B-stage) Midnight Rambler (B-stage) Tumbling Dice It's Only Rock'n Roll Start Me Up Brown Sugar Sympathy for the Devil (encore) 

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