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.....1/29/01 Sacramento
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Stephen Richards going for the big jump 

....aproot are a new band, & remind me of Limp Bizkit, except that these guys are better! There's a difference between a band that will distract you, entertain you, make you smile for five minutes, and a band that can make you want to listen to them forever. The sounds of Taproot, from Ann Arbor, Michigan formed in late 1997, will leave you wanting more. The band includes singer Stephen Richards, guitarist Mike DeWolf, bassist Philip Lipscomb, and drummer Jarrod Montague.
.......Taproot has been paced under the blanket label of rap-core, although the group does have heavy riffs and a singer who occasionally raps during verses, the term fails to do the band justice. With one foot firmly placed in heavy music and the other lost in experimentation, the group creates music that crushes, soothes, excites, more often than not, in the same song." Their artful restraint enhances the ultimate power of their reflective, expressive music.
....The four members of the band are driven by the special connections they have made to other people's music and are inspired to create their own unique music that can have a profound impact on listeners. Taproot's music has this enduring quality, sparking emotion so charged with energy that it captures, intrigues, and inspires. The connection they make creates a depth of feeling capable of revealing unexpected insights .
......While Taproot as a band is not easily defined, their introspective, thought-provoking style suggests that there is much below the surface to explore. Their CD "Gift" has earned the band rave reviews for their aggressive rap core sound that doesn't wholly abandon intelligence and melody. Intention definitely seems to be Taproot's distinguishing attribute as the band's name itself is heavy with import: "It's the main root that others stem off of," recalls Stephen Richards, "and I was really excited because I know that in earth medicine of native tribes, taproot means soul/spirit, which is a major subject in my lyrics."
.... What I saw seemed very tight, the band had their stuff together, they seemed poised to take over as the newest face of hard rock, & with a slot on the Korn/Papa Roach tour in a few weeks, I would tend to agree that this band will be the next big thing in Hard Rock Music. Their music is heavy, scruffy rock with a mix of Korn & that new school metal sound without forgetting their roots.
.... Apparently this band was supposed to sign a deal with Fred Durst's record company, but opted for another record deal & Fred went on to threaten the band, etc. I asked the bands guitarist about that ordeal & he laughed it off saying that things just got too out of hand too quickly they have no ill will towards Fred, but If I were them I would feel differently .The story was that Taproot, who upon signing their first major label deal with Atlantic Records, soon discovered the ruthlessness that often rises in the business of rock. Almost before the ink had dried on the contract, Taproot front man Stephen Richards received a phone message from his soon to be former mentor, Limp Bizkit mouthpiece Fred Durst. The message essentially castigated the band and Taproot was soon to be known as the band that "dis'ed" Durst.
......In their live show at the Crest theater in Sacramento. The first thing Steve (the lead singer) did when they got on stage was jump right into the Pit. It was surprising and it was really cool. They just got the crowd going crazier . Steve was extremely energetic running around the top of the theatre singing Day By Day, moshing, and then jumping. Still seemed like there were a lot of people in the crowd that didn't know about Taproot, but after last night I think they've been hooked. The set was awesome (in order): Mirrors' Reflection, Dragged Down, Day By Day, Again & Again, Now, Comeback, I, Smile, Emotional Times. He even jumped off towering speakers into the crowd ,wow glad they caught him.

By Randy Cohen

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   Members of the Band Are: !
Stephen Richards: vocals * Michael DeWolf: guitars * Philip Lipscomb: bass * Jarrod Montague: drums

Stephen Richards 

Philip Lipscomb

Michael DeWolf

 Jarrod Montague