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 The Ataris
Born to Rock !

The Ataris arrived on the pop-punk scene in an "emo"-tional way with Anywhere but Here. Echoing the likes of Green Day, the Ramones, and the Vandals (whose guitarist Warren Fitzgerald produced the album, and whose founder, Joe Escalante, signed them to Kung Fu), the Ataris put an upbeat spin on their social instabilities. Kris Rowe sings of young love gone amok over catchy, bouncy pop-punk in album that's more raw and pure than later recordings. Recording 20 tracks showed the Ataris weren't afraid to take chances, like covering the infectious "Boxcar" by vaunted Jawbreaker. The Ataris, based in California, thier fans were not disappointed since the band played many old classics that everyone was able to sing along with. The Ataris gave a stellar performance, ending an entertaining evening of high-quality punk! The Ataris, one of the most successful independent rock bands of recent years, have a brand new album, so long, astoria, the group's eagerly-awaited major label debut on Columbia Records. For Kris, getting it right means connecting in a real way with the band's audience and the Ataris are ferociously dedicated to their fans. "We are a very personal band with our fans," Kris is eager to stress. "We definitely go out of our way. We take it an extra mile. We write all our fans back personally, we run our own website personally. We have a kid from the audience get on stage and play guitar on a song with us every night. We opened up a record store in Santa Barbara, where we live, so that when we're off tour, people can come visit us. We even rehearse and practice there so when kids come, we'll let them jam with us. We listen to the demos kids give us and we've helped a few bands get signed to indie labels. We want this to be known about our band: all we are is a bunch of music fans who got lucky and happen to be living our dream. We are a band that exists solely for the purpose of our fans." When it came time to find a producer for so long, astoria, the Ataris chose Lou Giordano (Goo Goo Dolls, Sunny Day Real Estate, Samiam, Paul Westerberg, Hüsker Dü, Sugar). "I wanted this album to possess this kind of straight-forward powerpop rock vibe," Kris admits, "kind of what the Replacements always did. I wanted to make a record that spoke to a wide audience. Lou had worked with a lot of bands outside of just our scene." The result is a dream come true for fans of this high-energy modern rock combo, with the new original songs showcasing the emotionally-charged Ataris sound while a revved-up rendition of Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer" gives a full-on jolt of the band's spirited fun. The Ataris are: Kris Roe (lead vocals/guitar), Johnny Collura (guitar/vocals), Mike Davenport (bass/vocals), and Chris "Kid" Knapp (drums). The group was first discovered in 1997 when songwriter Kris Roe passed along his demo tape to Joe Escalante, bassist for the Vandals and owner of Kung Fu Records. Moving from Anderson, Indiana, to Santa Barbara, California, Roe assembled The Ataris' line-up and recorded the group's first full-length offering, Anywhere But Here, for Kung Fu. The Ataris subsequently recorded an EP, Look Forward To Failure (1998 - Fat Wreck Chords), as well as the additional Kung Fu albums: Blue Skies, Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits (1999) and End Is Forever (2001), each of which has sold more than 100,000 copies in the U.S. and has achieved similar sales successes around the world. A virtual touring machine since the band's inception, the Ataris have shared bills with Jimmy Eat World, Social Distortion, Blink 182, the Hives, 311, and others. The group has been a main stage attraction on the Van's Warped Tour and has sold out tours in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. " With the release of so long, astoria, the promise of the Ataris' early indie roots is fulfilled with some of the most provocative and emotionally powerful rock sounds this continually-evolving group has ever made.

By Randy Cohen

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  The*Ataris Consist of:

Kris Roe: Lead Vocals / Guitar Mike Davenport: Bass / Vocals John Collura: Guitar/Vocals Chris Knapp: Drums / No Vocals