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T The Bravery

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  "The Bravery" is the next hottest band out of New York band. Unlike the current crop of 80s revivalists, the Bravery starts off with the totally irresistible (and lead off single) "An Honest Mistake". Other great hum-along songs include "Swollen Summer", "Unconditional" (which is the second single, released in the UK), and "Public Service Announcement".  Just a bunch of fun songs, and done well at that. With Strokes-like fashion, and you'll find yourself dancing to their catchy beats.

        The Bravery put the keyboards front and center. Check out the hyper-frenzied siren squeals on "Swollen Summer." The keyboards throb, the guitars bob and weave around the melody. The Ring Song "Public Service Announcement" sounds like the Strokes. And that's not a bad thing, all bands sound like sound like others. The band most sonically similar to the Bravery has to be Duran Duran. Listen to the bouncing bassline on "PSA." It's lifted straight from "Girls on Film." Listen to the minor key chorus of "An Honest Mistake." It's a pretty good copy of Duran Duran's "Planet Earth." And I don't mean this as a criticism.

    With the gloomy mope rock sound of Interpol prevailing in the new wave revival, someone had to inject fun back into 80s new wave. And I think the Bravery does exactly that. While the songs do sound similar to each other I feel that it makes the album much more cohesive and enjoyable overall. Aside from lyrics that are not all that "potent" in some songs, the music makes up for it in their musical arrangements. And the video for "Honest Mistake" is a clever, which revives an interest in stacking dominos. The lead singer Sam Endicott's voice has something of a "hysterical tenor" Robert Smith quality. Their songs are electronic dance-rock. Just as one example, track 4, "Tyrant," mixes a Deep Purple-ish heavy rock organ with a pulsating synth line like early Depeche Mode (Speak and Spell era) and then a quasi-catchy melody vocal by Endicott. This band is happening check them out.


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The Bravery

The Bravery  is  singer/guitarist Sam Endicott, guitarist Michael Zakarin, bassist Mike H, keyboardist John Conway, and drummer Anthony Burulcich