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 The Music
Rocking the USA!

.....When The Music release their new single 'Take The Long Road And Walk". Drawing comparisons with early-Verve and the Stone Roses, The Music have rapidly become one of this year's darlings of the UK music press and their self-titled debut album. Formed in 1999, the Leeds outfit - Robert Harvey (vocals / guitar), Stuart Coleman (bass), Adam Nutter (guitar) and Phil Jordan (drums)- have already supported the likes of Oasis, New Order and The Charlatans over the last 12 months. Every once in a great while a band comes around that changes your perception of music. Their unique name, their innovative sound, their charismatic frontman. Robert Harvey . At there stop at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Robert obviously was deeply involved in his ballads, and it was fascinating watching him wrap his emotions around them. Rousing, heart-pumping opening set by a remarkable new band from the U.K. Resembling a young Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, with both the mops of tangled curls and the high-pitched wail, lead singer Robert Harvey was amazing. He gave his all in every song, singing with passion, power and authority. His highly individual, loose-limbed, crazy-leg dancing was totally in keeping with the band's exultant music and fascinating to watch. He seemed to inspire everyone else in the place to let loose and soon the joint was jumping. Given that the Iraq War had started just before the concert, the dancing seemed a release of built-up tension. For a young band - all four are 19 or 20 - The Music was polished and professional (although the band could have tightened up the time between songs.) The Music was full on from the opening note, creating a big sound full of power and dynamics. The group obviously is influenced by the classic rock of the '70s, and strives for a tight, danceable sound, but with the intensity of punk.

By Randy Cohen

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   The Music

Robert Harvey (vocals / guitar), Stuart Coleman (bass), Adam Nutter (guitar) and Phil Jordan (drums)

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