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The Randies 
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   I had a chance to check out an all girl punk rock group called the Randies.  Aside from the fact that the drummer was a dude, the rest were girls so I guess you can say an almost all girl band.  Recalling some similarities from other all girl groups like the Go Go's and the Donnas, the Randies bring their music to another level with a driving, upbeat and melodic sound.  They have incorporated elements of country, rock, and punk.  The group features a unique blend of harmonizing vocals, walls of guitar, and loud drums which is reminiscent of the combination of the Runaways and Blondie, The Ramones and the Pixies. The Randies caught the ear of the Production Team "Elicit Music" who quickly signed on to record the band's debut album, "At The Friendship Motor Inn".

Randies song "Boys in Stereo" has been chosen to appear on the new CMJ release New Music Magazine and four other songs have been chosen to appear in three new independent films, "Easy" and "Take Out" and "Burning Annie".  The Randies recordings also appear on the "Kiss or Kill Compilation" as well as "Cool Grrrls Compilation".  Definitely a group to listen for.

The song “Cookie,” a chorus that goes “Cookie, sweetie pie, apple of my eye, cherry, sugar pop, caramel, lemon drops.” and other songs like “Boys In Stereo,” “The Way It Goes,” and “Iron Monkey,” have catchy phrases. They have the punk rock sound that is taking over Southern California.  The Randies are leading the female punk rock scene, which is moving at a fast pace.  Keep an eye out for them.  They're hot.


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