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......The Vines are presently the most talked about new band. They have been compare to " Beatles meets Nirvana" and also comparisons to The Strokes . But these guys are one band you should definitely check out.
.......The Vines are the latest media craze: four young, hard-rocking' Aussies with a set of tunes and live-set to rival anything produced within the last few years.
......The Vines have come up with a sound that's charming in its tenderness and disarming in its energy. With thrashing moves of their guitars and energetic stage antics, the Vines appeal to this generation of hard punk and rough Rock n Roll, with their large-scale appeal originating from material that's brave enough to touch the harmonies and melodies of the finest Brit-groups, the cranked-up amps, and an energy and passion that is distinctly, ragged and super heavy.
.....Their new CD' Highly Evolved' takes a Nirvana sound as a starting point and then proceeds to compress the whole of Kurt Cobain's career into a blistering minute and a half. It's a totally brilliant record, and the genius behind it is 21-year-old Australian Craig Nicholls. Considering he's got at least a dozen songs better than this still to come, you've got to imagine that by the end of the year. .......The Vines are going places. Music-fans have shown their admiration too, what with the group's debut, limited-edition 7" single, the roughly-recorded demo of 'Factory' - released last year on Rex Records - selling out instantly.
.... As for tonight's live show at The Coachella Festival show In Indio, CA. The Vines played an awesome set of explosive sounds and they unleashed the best screams since grunge was born of paranoia, the unadulterated emotion, and the strength of the melody that captures you with movement.
..... Expect the same when they play a show near you and expect to hear one of the finest works of art of the year when their LP graces your ears; after all, rock-music is seldom provided so exquisitely - or from such intriguing characters.

By Randy Cohen

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The Vines
Craig Nicholls - vocals and guitar Patrick Matthews - bass and vocals
Ryan Griffiths - guitar
Hamish Rosser - drums

  "Highly Evolved" the Rocking new CD
 Setlist: at the Coachella Festival in Indio CA.
In Jungle
Highly Evolved
Ain't No Room Autumn Shade Country Yard
Mary Jane
Get Free
Ms Jackson Factory Outtathaway

The Vines