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Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs  
 Given the electrifying stage presence of Karen O and the inventive playing of drummer Brian Chase and guitarist Nick Zinner at Radio stations Live 105 big BFD bash. It's no wonder why the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were immediately hailed as the next big thing. Discovered in the wake of the Strokes' popularity and the subsequent garage rock revival, New York's art punk trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs met at Ohio's Oberlin College and met Zinner through friends after she transferred to N.Y.U. Zinner and O formed the band in 2000 and recruited Chase when their original drummer bowed out. Yeah Yeah Yeahs wrote a slew of songs at their first rehearsal and soon wound up supporting the Strokes and the White Stripes, earning a significant buzz for their arty-yet-sexy take on garage punk. In late 2001, Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their self-titled debut EP. Early the next year the band stepped into the international spotlight, appearing at South by Southwest and headlining their own U.K. tour. Wichita Recordings distributed the group's EP in the U.K. Karen O can channel Siouxsie Sioux, PJ Harvey, and Poly Styrene (the screaming nut from X-Ray Spex) at will and guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase both close the deal with ferocious aplomb. Tracks such as "Rich" and "Maps" bristle with energy will wake up any drowsy partygoers in an instant. They played there mind-blowing title track "Graveyard" and a remix of "Pin," which fans know from the group's live set .

By Randy Cohen

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Karen O (vocals),Brian Chase (Drums) and Nick Zinner (guitars)