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Z95.7's JINGLE BALL 2000!

98 Degree's
The KZQZ 95.7 - Z95.7. radio station even seems to be conditioning its young audience: A riot should have started when 98 Degrees got off the stage as fast as they got on, but z95 had a deejay ready in the wings, and the kids quickly forgot the perennially on-the-verge boy-band. Clearly the Degrees team was teasing its audience; its four-song appearance had the express purpose of promoting a full-scale tour stop for February, not to mention reviving sales on a recent record, "Revelation," which has fallen by the wayside amid the deluge of fall releases. That said, the group gave a strangely brilliant performance, covering some of its more apparent flaws --lack of dancing ability, weak live vocals -- with a snappy run-through of the heartbreaking ("Hardest Thing") and the heart-pounder ("Give You More") that were born for the two-and-a-half minutes of live performance the quartet granted them. The tease ended up being the group's great strength: the band sold every precious moment it was onstage, and were too quick to wear out its welcome.
...Next Son By Four......
heir band starts to play, the rhythm is sweeping the sound is perfect, strong and fast but still it has a cool and refreshing uniqueness. Some thing familiar is in there sound and I wonder to my self "where did I hear this sound before?" The huge crowd gets up and start do dance I look around and I see people nodding their heads and say "wow this band has a great sound" the energy from the stage streams from the band to the audience and the atmosphere is superb .The group starts to sing their second song. Now I am obsess the sound and the beat of rhythm is irresistible you just can't stand still.
.......Son By Four was formed and got their first album out a local production financed by Mr. Alfannd and tow partners. Now the hard job of getting every one to know this new and exciting group starts, It will take only few months to get their first release to the charts and by the month of June "No Hay Razon" is number 7 in the world billboard and number 5 in Puerto Rico. Their new release "Nada" is stepping up in the billboards and looks as it will get a better place than "No Hay Razon" at the beginning they had to go to radio stations voluntarily begging for some exposure. But right after their first interview they where swamp by invitation to appear in TV and radio shows.
......Following the breakthrough of their self-titled Spanish release, "Son By Four", and the monumental success of their hit singles "A Puro Dolor" and "Purest of Pain", the members of SB4 are ready to take their artistic abilities to new heights as they embark on a new venture, an English language album titled "Purest of Pain", which will hit stores November 14. The first single "Missed Me So Bad" written by Multi-Grammy Award winner Diane Warren and produced by Grammy Award winner Ric Wake (Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey), will hit the airwaves October 18. A Spanish version, written by Grammy Award winner, Omar Alfanno, titled "Cuando Seas Mía" will also be released.
......All in all Z95 displayed a fantistic array of musicians.

DJ's of Z95

By Randy Cohen

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