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.....9/24/00 San Francisco

ALICE Now & Zen festival

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........The sold-out radio ALICE Now & Zen festival at Sharon Meadows in Golden Gate Park was uniformly great - all five bands, Beck, The Go Go's, Tonic, Travis and Dogstar from different genres, mellow music on a beautiful sunny day in the park.
.......Now and Zen Fest was more than music. It embraced other aspects of the YOUR lifestyle from Mind to Body-From Fun to Soul. Across the grounds, consumers enjoyed interactive exhibits like computer chat rooms and internet/ high-tech displays. There were booths with an emphasis on fitness, health, relaxation and art. Fun was the foremost with lots of activities to entertain. Now & Zen Fest also included a selection of unique international healthy foods, a wine and micro-brew pavilion, free samples and more.
..Beck...Dogstar starting off the show, maybe most of fans were more interested into getting a glimpse of actor Keanu Reeves, but the biggest surprise was Dogstar did a tuneful set drawn from their new album "Happy Ending." Once the audience got over the fact that the bass player bore a heavy resemblance to mega -star Keanu Reeves, the music seemed to speak for itself. Reeves was the silent one, playing efficiently in the corner, while frontman Brett Domrose captured center stage with his engaging persona and hard playing voice.
........Travis , superstars of British pop, inexplicably played the second set. The Scottish foursome filled every song with utter conviction and emotion, and their set was flat-out stunning. Especially the hit "Turn" - the song Oasis wishes they had written - and the lovely "Driftwood."
...... Up next Tonic, the L.A. band that has enjoyed moderate success despite several memorable singles, also turned in a terrific set. lead singer (Emerson Hart) with a gorgeous voice and a guitarist (Jeff Russo) who's just plain gorgeous, Tonic's music is perfect for the kind of warm summer day The City was enjoying. They played from their recent album, "Sugar," including the hit, "You Wanted More," as well as their bittersweet earlier hit, "If You Could Only See."
.......The all-female Go-Go's were another pleasant surprise. With a new album in the works and touring on the docket - and Sunday's set proves they still "got the beat." They rocked hard, and sounded tight as a drum. Belinda Carlisle sounding girlish but always in charge. They played a healthy helping of hits, from "VacationGo Go's" to "We Got the Beat" to "Our Lips Are Sealed," which featured a surprise solo verse by Greenday's Armstrong, whose appearance took the audience completely off-guard. ........Beck, who rocked the house down with his horde of merry pranksters. Looking healthy and happy, Beck was in rare form, even for him. Karate-kicking then dropping to splits, moonwalking and leaping up onto speakers, the pop icon held the audience in thrall. "New Pollution" was space-age madness, followed by a gut-punching "Loser," which seems to be back on his playlist. "Mixed Bizness" was a drawn-out funk-fest, and a new song, "Salt in the Wound," was the hardest-rocking thing he's done in a while. Beck is an extraordinary musician .
......All in all it everything was Zen indeed.

By Randy Cohen

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Beck, The Go Go's, Tonic, Travis and Dogstar.

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